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fat male subs into moob play?2 years

Not a sub, but God do I love having my nipples played with. Kind of weird asking a girl to do it though.

Work it into your sex play. Ask her to suck your nipples. When you are on top, mention that the harder she pinches your nipples, the harder you will bang her. Also, when you are on top, you might be able to drag your moobs over her face. She might, quite naturally, suck your nipples. You do it when she has her boobs in your face, don't you? 😉

Tell her it is something you would like to try. You never know. A female friend started playing with my moobs and it has become one (of many) of our favorites things to do!

As I get fatter, my moobs get larger. We are having lots of hot conversations about what we can do with my moobs when they get even bigger! 😁

By the way, I will gladly be a sub to ANYONE who wants to play with my moobs.

Give it a try. It will be worth it! 😎

fat male subs into moob play?1 year

Moob play is probably my favorite thing ever!

fat male subs into moob play?5 months

I would love if woman would like to play with my moobs, jiggle and squeeze them. It also would be so hot if woman would comment that my moobs would be bigger than her boobs and say that if my moobs keep on growing I should wear a bra for support.
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