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what do you like about gaining?11 months

Right now:
1) Being able to enjoy eating without worrying about consequences (clothes aside)
2) Watching my stomach slowly expand and develop an overhang.

what do you like about gaining?7 months

Personally, the one thing that I like about gaining is that I get to be myself and decide when to stop eating. I am on a streak to try to get fatter and fatter, as this goes on, I'd like to say that I like gaining because I have no limit on my decisions for food.

what do you like about gaining?4 months

I also love seeing the before and after photos recently trawled all my old photos from teenager to now and made my own movie gave me such a buzz.
actually think I like myself better now that when I was thinner also love big tummies seeing myself change.

what do you like about gaining?4 months

For HER, it's the romance of being fed.

She said it's like a girl's dream come true- being able to enjoy all her favorite foods, and instead of worrying about her figure, knowing that she's becoming more beautiful the more she eats.
Like a "happily ever after" princess story, if the princess needs a little help sometimes due to how massive she's gotten ~_________^

what do you like about gaining?4 months

Food is what makes me happy and big tasty meals got me in perfect bliss.

I like to grow bigger so I take more space and it reminds me to not apologize for who I am and what I want : I am here on this earth and will live to please me, not you.

Curves are fascinating, soft, cute and sensual in the same time.

what do you like about gaining?2 months

Definitely the guilt free eating. Also the out growing of clothes. The way my belly and moobs jiggle as I walk. Running out of breath easier and the realization that I take up more space than I once did.

what do you like about gaining?2 months

What do I like about it? Watching my belly getting bigger!

what do you like about gaining?1 month

Eating what I want , whenever I want and as much as I want. Also, I am rather fond of how big my belly has gotten and how it hangs down .

what do you like about gaining?2 weeks

I love that I can eat more now than ever before.
I love how my body has spread out.
I love the space I take up.
I love how soft my body is.
I absolutely love knowing I am bigger.

what do you like about gaining?2 weeks

I am not a gainer. But from the bit of experience I gathered within years while luring, encouraging or sometimes feeding a few girls - said alone, just observe them dive staggeringly into ever-famished urge - I've always found a few common traits between a major part of these latter ones:

- they were young female persons between 16 to 30 years (I started my feeder/encourager days in secondary school: hence the below-legal age starting span) .

- Their common urban-settled lifestyle, coupled by a series of variously different social, psychological and personal (sometimes, cultural) factors regarding each other, all inevitably lean them onward to pass through a period of their life wherein the better choice to find a day-after-day balance was to radically change some-to-most of their former life habits. These changes meant to decrease their daily sportive activity span in order to focus about their main priorities; however, what does it matter if the resulting consequences were either at-some-degree-or-fully wished by some of these female persons (inclined to gain some weight in order to build on a curvier figure; outright drawn into persistent propensities to Gainism as a pastime kink; love to overfed or being overfed without really being too much body-conceited nor willing to see their sizes expands; are attracted by the desire about an ideal figure they considers like the epitome of womanhood which could be achieved only once wedging their self through the obesity spectrum, or both/all of them) or if they doesn't (episodic stress eating binges; had already a ravenous appetite but experienced radical metabolic slowdown; developped some addiction for overreating; tried to achieve a curvier figure but either overstrained their diet in such a way they plumped up themselves more they wished to or underesteemed their changing bodily fat distribution; were under medication; were suffering some form of body imbalance with mild to significant side effects; or both/all of them) , but all of them done to simultaneously exceed not only their daily calorie intake but by overconsuming more frequently any sort of highly calorie product easily accessible and purchasable out of home while studying or at their workplace.

These latter set of factors immediatly stamped their path right into an involving weight changing process. Sometimes the process could be at long-term and slowly shifting, sometimes there could be fast and at a short-term rate or intermittent. Many of the aforementioned cases tried to shed off from their extra poundage over time: but only a fewer of them succeed to keep their weight steady since a major part of them gained back after a period extanding from a few weeks or months, to a few years.

- No matter if they were inclined to this kink or not, they all momentarily demonstrated at some point of this weight gain process few-to-many positive attitude toward their changing bodies, even those who publically show sizeist biased hostility against somebody else or their own gain. They all enjoyed at some degree the way their bodies expands out, whether if they're get bigger in the "right places" or not.
Though at some point of the process and for whichever personal and/or external motives, most of them gone to feel in complete disarray about what they considers now more like an "issue" .

- Many of them experience/d body self-image issues.

- Most people knew the faster point of their weight gain during the first weeks or months, when some others only experienced this part of the process than months or years later.

- A lot of them who tend to develop either an apple-shaped frame, belly rolls or potbelly overtime didn't enjoy the fact their girthing expands out and onward. Even the very few who fantasmed about or gone to appreciate it, remains still reluctant about it.

- Only ONE case enjoyed the fact her face was plumping out. Most of those who experienced this had all shown outright hostility and signs of inferiority complex when people make remarks about their moonfaces, doublechins or less toned features.

- A lot of them enjoyed at some point how their growing body started to take on more space, whether this is about their cleavage, dressing or public spaces. A fewer, however, didn't.

- A lot of them loved all the attention these changes brought on, while others didn't.

- Their confidence fluctuates in function of peer's pressure, degree of body self-image issues, capability to mentally withstand all sort of negative receptions around or silhouette. Personally, I noticed that most of those who were lean to develop a chubby face, an apple shape or just girthed out were those who experienced a serious loss of self-confidence overtime.

- A lot of them enjoyed the increasing bouncing range of their breasts, upper arms and buttocks. In the meantime, they were less inclined to enjoy the starting bouncing of their thighs, cheeks and underchin and far less about their bellies.
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