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what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

So what are some of your earliest signs of realization that you liked chubby girls? I can tell you that the signs for me go all the way back to when I was going into the 7th grade. I remember I developed a crush on a girl who a bit chubby herself and it sort of dawned on me that I didn't mind the extra weight. Even when I was well into 7th grade, I got somewhat turned on when I saw a chubby girl's shirt go up. Or maybe it was 6th grade when I started to kind of realize it, because I remember this one girl who used to work at a daycare I went to after school wasn't very thin, but had a nice round-ish frame.

One of the best examples of the earliest signs was when I went on my end-of-the-year field trip to Waterworld USA in eighth grade. I remember a few girls who I went to school with, who also happened to have been chubby, wore bikinis and I knew that deep down that I liked what I saw. Sure, some of the thin girls who were on that trip were nice, too, but I found that I got rather turned on at the sight of girl's belly hanging out a bit.

Any examples on your end?

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I had to have been 4 or 5. During naps I would move the two twin beds closer together to position the pillows over the gap so they supported me in a fat feeling as I lay on them.

I didn't know it was the fat calling me then but I knew it sure felt good. My mother caught me grinding away I recall.

Little did she know.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I can tell you that the signs for me go all the way back to when I was going into the 7th grade.

Context: i was asexual + conflicted until i was 22.

Funny you should mention 7th. grade. Apparently i was spending enough time looking at a lovely classmate named Monica that many in that class (forgot which subject) performed a mock wedding ceremony for the two of us part-way through the school year*. She was slightly thick/voluptuous, but not even plump, much less fat. She was early on-deck for breast development, and iím quite sure that was part of the allure. But i do remember looking at her belly about as much.

Like the topic. Thanks for posting it, No_Limit_Soldier17.

* Freaked me out. I ran away from it. Staged during a between-class break.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I was born in the 1960s so when I was around 4-5 it would have been at the height of the mini skirt era in the uk. I remember being led around shopping with my parents and being that small I'd be surrounded by what to me seemed like great big legs and thighs. I'd also unavoidably be able to see up a few skirts and although thin was in I guess there may have still been a few plumpers.

I also had some very fat women in my early life, my class teacher was a big woman and there was also a particularly fat dinner lady that I remember being fascinated by although I didn't know why at the time.

One of my early erotic experiences around the age of 11 was when a big girl grabbed me at a school disco, sat me down in the corner and snogged me pationately. I think from then on I was hooked.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I remember at 6 I read the woman that swallowed a bird, pie, etc and liked the drawings. At 13 I discovered youtube during the time of ipod touch and realized it was the only thing I could orgasm to. Now, as an adult, I still can only come to images/thoughts of fat, gaining men.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

in my primary school years, I used to have dreams that I was a young prince living in a castle, and my wife the princess would spend all her time away in her luxurious room eating getting fatter and fatter while servants bought her everything she wanted

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I hit puberty unusually early, especially for a boy, but my realization that what I liked in a girl was significantly different from the "norm" was actually years after my first "crushes". My earliest memories of desired romance were from age 8, and at that point it was just wanting companionship and someone (specifically a girl) to play with. You know, no desire for sex (especially since I didn't even know what that was yet), I just wanted someone to be alone with and play with, cuddle with was the most physical.

Around age 9 was when I noticed that I liked, shall we say, observing specific body parts of a girl; namely the breasts and buttocks. Naturally, the bigger the better. I suppose that's probably the first sign of my preferences though I didn't notice it; not many men would say "the bigger the better" when talking about a girl's butt. For "normal" guys, there is a limit on how big they like a girls butt.

At age 10 would be when I realized that I got more turned on by bigger women and the thought of a girl getting bigger ("fatter" and feeding didn't really come into mind until later). This wasn't really a conscious realization though, only looking back do I put it into words. At the time, I simply liked what I liked and didn't really think about it. Weirdly, it was actually several years later that I realized that I was different. Probably because of my lack of a social life, it never came to my attention what other boys wanted in a girlfriend.

It would have to have been age 11 that I actually really put it together in my head . I was beginning to have an understanding of sex, romance, and relationships. I found myself deciding to watch and episode of Totally Spies (a show I normally found boring) when I ran across it channel surfing because the episode had Clover steadily getting fatter.

Additionally, I had a sunday school teacher who was... I dont really know, and of course being only 11 at the time, I can't really trust my memory and my view of her. To a tiny 11 year old, everything seems big. However, my best approximation is that she had to be at least 300 pounds. She had trouble getting around and was almost always sitting, like she could not stand for extended periods. I might go so far as to guess that she was 400 pounds. Suffice it to say, I liked spending time with her.

In the end it wasn't until age 14 that I really put it together that I was really different from everyone else and fully realized what I did and didn't like.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

For the sake of argument, I won't wax on about the nuances between fetish and preference.

I was young. Maybe five or six years old.

Things started early for me. I must have been three years old when I started masturbating, and sexual imagery (though I didn't identify it as such) was soon to follow.

The very earliest sexual fantasies I remember having did not involve larger women, oddly enough. I very distinctly remember an average sized straight haired brunette woman lying mostly clothed on top of a grand piano. I don't remember caring about her breasts or figure so much (I was in kindergarten) but do remember the prettiness of her face and the way she beckoned to me as being the most attractive qualities about her.

At what point my brain "flipped" to fat I'm not quite sure. It wasn't long after. I may have still been in Kindergarten. Suddenly, my fantasies were about larger women reclining and eating food.

The earliest "fat" memories involved VERY large people. This tapered down to more realistic weights (think 5' 4", 300 pounds) over time. Some of my very earliest fat memories also involved fat men and women with extra breasts and stuff like that. These fantasies went away very quickly. I had settled into a norm within a year or so.

It took me until I was in my teens to identify any of this as sexuality. Before that, it was simply what my brain conjured up when I jerked off. It was always involuntary. I can't remember if some external event sparked it or it was inside me all along. Only a few people in my family were overweight. Most of the fat people I knew at the time weren't my favorite people. They were also older people; my fantasies always involved younger people. If it was somebody external, I do not remember it happening.

When I finally started hitting puberty, I was very sexually confused. Mentally, I started falling for thin to average sized women. Most of my crushes at the time were average weight. Physically, I was attracted only to larger women. This may have been due to exposure: I went to a small school and were very few attractive large girls.

My earliest real fat crush was on a young blonde school administrator when I was in 7th and 8th grade. I remember her coming to the school at a slightly above average weight, then quickly ballooning up over the course of a year. She might have put on 50 pounds!

Other than that, my fat attraction was relegated to the internet until I went to college. That's when I started actively pursuing larger women. I still dated some thin women at this time, but it was more their personality, attitudes and pretty facial features rather than bodies that attracted me to them. The relationships never lasted long. More than anything, this was probably caused by the unconscious knowing that there really wasn't a sexual spark. That usually occurred only with women who weighed more than me.

After college I started exclusively dating fat women. 160 to 300 pounds. I'm a fairly fit guy, so it was challenging to find an attractive, confident and compatible larger women who thought my intentions were serious.

After searching for years and going on countless dates, I finally found my current girlfriend. We've been going out for years, and are very happy.


There you go. My earliest memories on this subject through to today.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

Earliest? As a pre-schooler I had an LP of nursery rhymes that I listened to incessantly. One of them was Jack Spratt would eat no fat / his wife would eat no lean / And so betwixt the two they licked the platter clean". I can remember being fascinated by this idea of a couple eating an entire platter of food by themselves. The album cover had illustrations associated with the rhymes, including a very thin Jack Spratt and his very fat wife. I concluded that the picture didn't make sense, since there is usually more lean that fat, so he should also be fat -- I thought having a really fat wife like that would be fine, but I didn't want to be super skinny, so I happy with that logic.

That is the earliest I can remember -- certainly pre-kindergarten.

The thing that really drove this home was reading the picture book "The Pumpkin Giant" (you can find the text online,, and some of the pictures , which finishes with the fat prince and princess happily rolling around together (they were too fat to walk), and I knew that this idea was very appealing to me -- I was worried about getting dizzy and could see other drawbacks, but I saw it as sort of the fairy tale ideal, not something you have happen in real life, but obviously the best sort of thing possible. I was probably in first grade at the time.

There was lots more after that, but it was all sort of "well of course; l like fat, so ..." rather than discovering that I liked fat.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 years

I remember there was this story book I was read when I was younger, maybe 3 or 4, about this lazy farmer that laid in bed all day eating chocolates whilst the duck on the farm did all the work. And I remember thinking to myself, that would be an awesome life just sitting there eating all day!

Also when I was around 5 or 6 I remember getting dreams about eating so many sweets that I blew up to the size of rooms and I remember always wanting to go back into those dreams because I was so big and it felt awesome.

It never really occurred to me it was a fetish until I was in my late teens. I started to notice I like girls, but I had a certain thing for chubby and bigger girls. And the fact that I also enjoyed eating all of the food...
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