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into rp? post your info. here!2 years

Heyo, I'm Mark. New to FF I'm a straight guy looking to RP with ladies. I like gainer girls and I've started gaining a bit myself recently. I like teasing and being teased too. I like it a little sexual but nothing crazy. I can RP on this site or kik or whatever. Message me if you wanna know more!

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

Came across this 2 month old post, and figured I'd try it regardless.

Sexual Preference: I'll do it with both genders, but only with men who are fine with me playing a female character.

Rp Preferences: I have no true prefs, as I enjoy making stories based on other's likes, but if asked, I'm usually going to go with a forced/kidnapping, or spoiling a gal rotten. Not too many things I dislike, though!

Rp locations: I've got a Kik, but I can't be trusted to be on often, I can also do it through the FF chat, or a site I've found called chatzy.

Times: Anywhere from 5-6 to 11PM, I won't stay up much longer unless I'm in the midst of an RP session.

Other than that, I'm also fine with non-FA RP, and some furry RP. Hopefully you still keep up with this!

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

I've done a fair amount of RPing
I can do so with women or men
My favorite RPs are M2SSBBW, pregnancy, and gains that are out of control (A spell or curse that results in gains from casual remarks, just being close by, or touching from those that want to lose weight)
I can RP here or @
btw I'm male if that makes a difference.

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

I hope that this is alright, but I always liked the thoroughness of this old RP form from male_indulgence (a now-dead LJ community) so I thought I'd post that!

Contact Information
Name: ChubRub
Time-Zone: PST

Gay/Het/Both: M/M

Preferred Location: Inbox here or we can create our own forum ( makes it easy and free). No live chats, please. If I'm online and you are online, awesome, let's go back and forth as much as possible! But since people are busy in general I like having a system where I can respond and know you'll respond when you can instead of now or never.
Rp-Type: Plot/Character Development oriented, willing and able to RP smut if you are, but also just as willing to time skip by those scenes.
Duration: Long-term RPs are my favorite.
Style(ex.Script/Novel/Dialogue-*Action*): Third person past tense.

Poor Grammar/Spelling: Occasional typos are fine, obviously.
God-modding: My characters are mine and yours are yours. Any third-party characters we create we can ask OOC if it's okay to control them.
Loooong Breaks w/ No Warning: Life happens, but if you find yourself busy for a few days, shooting me a message saying that's gonna be a thing would be really nice so I don't worry that I've done something you didn't like.

Things you love in RP
Believable characters.
Believable weight gain, though I don't mind it becoming a little over-the-top fast, 200 pounds overnight bores me.
Consistency in the world.

Things you hate in RP
Lack of characterization in favor of 'getting to the chase'.
RPs that aren't going anywhere.
Typical 'uke'/'seme' male characters. (I don't mind one being more feminine or anything like that, but they still have to be characters first)
Short replies. Try for at least a few paragraphs?
Replies that don't go anywhere. As in: Your character is standing there, reacts to what my character did in the previous response, but does nothing else.

Fetish (WG related)
Weight Gain: Yes.
Immobility: Yes, but even moreso the idea of someone barely mobile being forced up and waddling.
Inflation: No.
Stuffing: Yes, but only as part of the WG arc.
Blue-berry inflation: No.
Scat/water-sports: Not even a little.

Sex Yes.
Oral: Yes
Anal: Yes
Masturbation: Yes
Belly-sex: Yes.

Other Kinks/Preferences/Quirks:
Humiliation is a huge one for me that I don't get to RP often. Whether our characters agree to it beforehand or not, as long as we agree to it OOC I'm down. It's fantasy, after all.

I'm also into gas, but only as it ties into humiliation. I don't so much go for when a character is happy/doesn't mind it. I more enjoy when they try to hold it in until they can't and then embarrass themselves, or if they can't hold it in at all and hate it.

Physical difficulties on account of size, characters who are noticeably out of shape. Huffing and puffing. Not so into the actual health effects, though. Just the fun ones.

Corruption. I love seeing one person fattening up another secretly until they are fat and slutty. Especially if the person is in-shape and chaste to start with and starts giving in to temptation.

Size difference. I like mutual gaining, too, but I really enjoy the idea of someone in-shape with someone very much not.

Obviously all of the ones above are optional. If you aren't into them, we don't have to do them. I'm super flexible. As long as someone is getting fat, I'm usually on board 100%.

Beyond that, I have a few other kinks and things that I enjoy so you can hit me up if you're curious. I'm sorry this was so huge, I'm just excited for the opportunity to meet some like-minded RPers.

Thank you!

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

Hey I found this from that one story American Pig (Amazing by the way). I was wondering if this offer still stands I've got a few places that this could be done some a lot easier than others to be honest. Just send me a message if you want hope to hear from you

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

I'm not particularly experienced in fetish RP, but I'm only down to do it with females. I'm down for damn near anything, given it's MF. But I have an idea in mind where a duchess (or other rich/influential female) is alone in her stately home and slowly loses self control relating to getting her butler to bring her food, eventually even having him feed her. The butler is a little concerned but goes along with his mistress's requests. I'm not too picky about if it's historical or modern, but if it is historical I'd prefer to stick with it. If the mistress requests sexual behaviour, the butler will oblidge, but he won't bring it up on his own. Same attitude towards lewd RP in other situations too. I'm down for any chat client as well, although I may have to make an account for some of them. Time-wise I'm AEDT but with terrible sleeping habits.

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

bhm/ffa rp anytime. Realistic, sensual and explicitly erotic if you wish...ladies only, feel free to visit my profile for contact info or to read my stories to see if your fantasies might make a match with mine.


into rp? post your info. here!2 years

> Sexual preference: if you like to rp with men, women or both
I pefer roleplaying with women, but I have also had fun roleplays with men, transgendered people and others.

> What kinds of rp you enjoy: describe the kinds of rp you are into and if it's sexual
I really like all kinds of weight-gain and feederism roleplays, and I do love it when it's sexual, but it doesn't have to be. I like romance also, but also wicked kind of weight-gain roleplays as well. Read some of my stories, and you might get an idea that I am all over the place when it comes to this fetish, and I suppose I am. I do prefer realistic gains and situations, and I love to let a roleplay go on and on, with a lot of character developments and time skips as characters fatten and change. That said, I also enjoy fantasy/science fiction type stuff. I'm pretty eclectic.

> Where you can roleplay: in the FF chat, through inbox messages or whatever other method
I prefer to roleplay on gmail or yahoo messengers, but we can also roleplay through email -- nice and slow and long exchanges. I am zonker25 on gmail ( and growinluvhandles on Yahoo IM ( I can also roleplay through notes on deviantart (again, I'm growinluvhandles). I don't like the chat here, but if that's the only way you can roleplay,let's try.

> What days/times are best to rp with you

Most of the time when the weather is bad here, I'm free during the day light hours (8 or 9 am - 5 pm or so, Eastern Standard Time. Monday through Friday). Other times depend on computer access.

> Anthing else you'd like to say or add
I just love love LOVE roleplaying! Some of my best stories were inspired by roleplays. So be my muse, and contact me.

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

I actually have a cannon feeder/ feedee relationship in the book I am writing, and would love to be able to practice them in various situations. The feedee is female and the feeder is male, both fluid in their sexualities and open to trying new things.
( the female character is my icon here and on Kik )

I prefer long hand, with plot and third person dialogue. I am open to a wide variety of situations ( similar to AU's) but because I am practing for a book, the role play will never be about me ( Nicole) but can involve either or both characters. If you are interested, my Kik is BigBellyPrincess007 and my email is . You can also go on my deviant art to meet Andrea and Ro, as my most recent stories are about them. You can message me on either of those or on message here, but I'm into quite a few other kinks if you'd like to try

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

Hey, I'd be up for giving this a go as I'm an actor IRL ^^ if you could give me a character break down I'd be happy to play either part in an RP situation ^^
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