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into rp? post your info. here!2 years

Would love to RP with a feeder, male or female, that is very much into pushing a feedee into trying and indulging in feeding herself like a messy pig.

If you're interested, message me and we can work out the details. smiley

into rp? post your info. here!2 years

> Sexual preference: I only really rp with women, sorry guys. I can fulfill either the feeder or feedee role however I have more of a feedee streak. Quick note I do like bondage a lot and like it rough so if this is not your thing tell me before hand and I won't spank.

> What kinds of rp you enjoy: I am can rp in basically any scenario, and if it wants to get a little steamy I most certainly won't complain.

> Where you can roleplay: in the FF chat, although most of my rps are done through discord (Username Midnight27 #5956)

> What days/times are best to rp with you: I am in the UK so tend to operate in those times, I can stay up for some US times but not late into the night.

> Anthing else you'd like to say or add:
Nah not really, as I said earlier I am lesbian but strangely don't mind futa or trans women, but guys just aren't my cup of tea.

into rp? post your info. here!1 year

Hi! I love roleplaying in general, and I'm interested to see if anyone would like to RP with me? I can't message on here, but you can message me on kik @ carishio

I love slob to a degree and I want to be the gainer, so I'm looking for a feeder (male or female, it doesn't matter!)

I'm male, and am also looking to get into sexual orientated RPs more than anything. If it interests you, hit me up! I'm usually open to all sorts of scenarios, and I also RP in the first person.

into rp? post your info. here!1 year

I like teasing/public exposure/gain/helplessness, as far as my RPs go, but beyond that I'm pretty open-minded smiley

into rp? post your info. here!1 year

I should probably actually post here, since this is what I came here for...

I'm naturally a submissive type, so I guess that makes me either the feedee or gainer type. I'm not really into the messier side of this particular kink, but I'm intrigued by helplessness and mobility issues.
That said, I have an established character I like to play, but she can fit basically anywhere; although she comes from a high-fantasy setting, so the potential for magic is an interesting variable.
I will only RP as a female character, with other female characters, as I am just not interested in dicks, though not for lack of trying. Sexuality in RP is fine by me, but I prefer a more gentle and "Fluffy" romance rather than sheer, primal sexuality. I mean, I can do that, too, if that's what you want, but its not my forte.
I also only ever write third person, past-tense. It just seems more correct to me, and I can't stand seeing asterisks denoting actions. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way...

Well, that's the basic gist of it. I can either be gotten a hold of here, on DA under the same name, or on Gaiaonline as Teqnologyque (feel free to laugh now). I don't do kik, I don't do snapchat, I don't do discord or skype, and I don't like people emailing me.

Pertinent to that, this is little more than a masochistic fantasy for me. I will not show you pictures of me, nor will I ask for yours. And what happens online, stays online, to scar generations of FBI and other global intelligence and policing agents.

into rp? post your info. here!11 months

Super into rp prefer female partners or those who identify as such.

into rp? post your info. here!11 months

Copied from my profile:

In a roleplay, I would be a dominant feeder, and you a submissive, dependent, female feedee (sorry, no guys). I can take either a nurturing or humiliating approach to my dominance, or both, depending on your preference.

I identify as agender in real life and am happy to interact with you as either gender, or neither.

Into: tight/torn clothes, messy eating, stuckage, limited mobility, forced feeding/stuffing, overeating, helplessness, lack of control.

Not really into but could include: pain, bondage, sex, funnels, artificial bloating.

Non-negotiable turn-offs: pregnancy, age play, or kids (not just as sexual objects, which is an obvious no-no, but anywhere in the roleplay--not interesting in fattening up a mother or teacher, for instance). Bodily fluids, gas, or digestion in general. Diapers, the worst possible combination. smiley

Interested? Message me!

into rp? post your info. here!10 months

I'm Electra. But I dont refer to myself as a specific gender. I'm often submissive but can play dominate rolls too if you wanna switch things up. You can find me either in chat, send me a note on my deviant art page, chamanthehedgehog, or message me here to get my email. I'd love to rp with you

into rp? post your info. here!10 months

Any mutuals want to discuss this?

PM me.

into rp? post your info. here!10 months

I would love to rp
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