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help creating shout messages2 years

There's a number of things you can do to make your shout messages more fun and interesting:

Links - Just enter a web page URL and it will automatically turn it into a clickable link
Thumbnails - Just enter an image URL and it will automatically turn it into a thumbnail
YouTube thumbnail links - Underneath the youtube video click 'share'. Copy the link and paste it in your shout message

The system also recognizes UBB code which you can enter into your shout messages:

[ url][ /url]
[ url=][ /url]
[ mail][ /mail]
[ mail=][ /mail]
[ img][ /img]
[ quote][ /quote]
[ b]< bold text>[ /b]
[ i][ /i]
[ u][ /u]
[ center][ /center]
[ color=][ /color]

* To show the UBB code here I've had to add white space between the brackets e.g. [ url], but you'll need to remove this
* Replace the text in the angle brackets with your URLs etc. e.g. replace with
* Accepted colors are: black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, orange, purple, red, silver, violet, white, yellow

You can also do combinations, so a clickable thumbnail image is:

[ url=][ img][ /img][ /url]

To learn a bit more on how to write UBB code see the following web page:

help creating shout messages2 years

Can you use these tricks in response to shouts as well?

help creating shout messages2 years

Yes indeed.

help creating shout messages2 years

Can one of you guys help me. I made three lengthy forum posts in the experiences section and then had to delete two of them because I noticed they were truncated. I have never seen a forum with limits like that. Is it for experiences--- but only if they're really short? Where can I make a longer post. In stories? It isn't really a story-- it is a true experience I had. Any ideas?