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strange fetishes related to fat.2 years

" not being able to reach far enough to masturbate, that's all super hot i guess."

Can this happen, to get so big that one can not masturbate? Is this just a fantasy?

growin guy:
It's possible. In my case; as I get fatter it gets more difficult to reach around my own gut (which only makes it hotter), but due to my body type I'm also developing a serious fupa, which is slowly swallowing up my manhood an inch at a time. I've actually found this extremely arousing for some reason.

Being too fat to masturbate sounds very erotic! I'll be glad to give a hand to anyone needing the help. 😁

strange fetishes related to fat.2 years

I ***ing love having a man lay all his weight on top of me. The bigger the better, though I've never been with anyone who could stop me breathing altogether from being crushed under their weight.
I think I just like the masculinity of being outweighed and being kinda powerless under them. 😆

I love it when I have a partner who weighs more than me 😍

A heavier partner is amazing! I have a 470 pound friend who would not lay on top of me because she was afraid she would crush me. For a woman her size, she was quite nimble and I convinced her that if I needed her to move quickly she would be able to it.

One night she got on her hands and knees, crawled over my lower midsection and slowly lowered herself onto to me. This made me immediately erect and she could feel it.

After that, she started teasing me. She would lay on part of me and it was amazing. After a few weeks of teasing, she started at my feet and dragged her entire body across mine. She lingered when her mouth reached my penis and sucked me! 😎

The first time she covered me completely, she stayed propped up on her hands. Running my hands over her body and feeling her weight on me felt incredible.

Finally the time came when she moved her hands and her entire weight was fully on me. She told me she would not move off me until I told her. She said she was a little concerned because my face was getting red. Eventually I asked her to move, and she rolled off. Her weight going off of me was quite exciting as my lungs were able to completely re-fill. She was turned on, too, because she went to her hand and knees and we were immediately doing doggie!

After that, she was laying on me almost every time and we always tried to go longer than the previous time. It was an incredible turn on that always resulted in climaxes! 😎

strange fetishes related to fat.2 years

I love jiggling my fat and telling .myself how fat i really am and i gwt soo hott when others tell me how fat i am i love being tomd um a cow with huge utters i love being called a fat lazy piggy i love i have a gard time masterbating unless im being degeaded or insulted plz tell me im not tbe only one lime this lol

Your not.
I love just reading and hearing about you.
Sooo hot and exciting knowibg a woman who wants to be lije, and treated like a cow. Awesome😊

strange fetishes related to fat.2 years

I have a burp fetish fr sure. Love the relieving feeling of belching after a good meal, stuffing session, or chugging soda. I love when others do it too. One of my biggest fantasies, is kissing someone n we burp into each other's mouths. Them burping on my clit as they get me off.

Belly play, rubbing, kneading, nibbling, rubbing my clit on a big, soft, fat belly.

Someone being too big to fit in normal chairs, too big for their clothes.

Stretch marks 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

All of those sound crazy wonderful! What turn ons!

strange fetishes related to fat.2 years

i love being told that i'm greedy, or gluttonous, or that i'm going to hell for being such a fat ass. i love hearing that i'll be damned for my actions, but i just can't stop, because i'm so reliant on food and getting fat.

strangely, i wasn't brought up religious, there's no weird backstory to it...

strange fetishes related to fat.9 months

Having family members show discomfort or even disapproval at how fat my wife has gotten.

My mother-in-law used to always lecture me about how her daughter was getting too big, and about how it was my duty as a man to put her on a diet.
Then we married, and she got HUGE.
And her mother just gave up and accepted that her daughter was happier gaining weight.
We both kinda miss those lectures XD

So now it's just a fantasy.
Mother-in-law has accepted the fact she just has a massively obese daughter.
My mother doesn't like fat people, but is just too polite to say anything, and she too accepts that my wife is just happier this way.
My father doesn't care, he's just an easygoing guy.
My sister secretly approves of how big my wife's gotten, and even told me she's not nearly big enough.

So having family members chide us for my wife getting so fat remains a mere odd little fantasy.

strange fetishes related to fat.9 months

Oddly enough I don't really think I have a fetish with fat despite the fact that bigger is always better and I've never seen a woman who was too fat. But even just a "chubby" girl does it for me. There's not really anything about her being fat itself that does anything for me. I just think fat girls are hot. They're so soft and comfy and curvy. The way a woman should be.

Honestly I think it's best described as how most guys are with big boobs. I like to see a fat girl jiggle when she walks, I like the way her body feels pressed up against mine, I like the way her rolls feel when I squeeze them and play with them, and I love to see her squeeze into things that are way, way too small for her just to really accentuate her size. Like a tiny shirt, or a chair, or a know?

strange fetishes related to fat.9 months

Being able to easily float on water because of all the fat I have.

I really want to have fat sex (both me and my partner are fat).

Fat woman (e.g. 5'7" and 200lbs) in a sweater just looks so cute to me.

strange fetishes related to fat.8 months

It's only very distinctly related to fat...

Extremely long hair. Long, and plentiful, thick tresses, reaching down to the knees or maybe more.

I've observed and read about, that overweight people can have healthier hair.

I've never seen or heard about an SSBBW with such long hair (maybe Dankii is the closest one), it's understandable, because at SSBBW sizes, showering can be a struggle, so washing and taking care of very long hair can be tiring.

Still, it would be so nice, that by fondling an immense SSBBW's belly, one could also play with her hair. smiley

strange fetishes related to fat.8 months

Fat bellies (mine included), horniness ,and smoking. 2 out of the 3 usually bring the other 1 in. They're interconnected somehow.

I have no CLUE why or how to explain this lol
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