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squashing😍2 years

I've noticed that on FF there is not a strong squashing following going on. Everyone is into something and I just don't see that a lot here.

As a gay guy in nyc I certainly don't see it (or am I not looking hard enough). As such what are your thoughts on squashing FF?

squashing😍8 months

I would like to try it. I am surprised at the amount of fellas that want to be squashed.

squashing😍8 months

Personally if I could find someone to do it to me I would 100% have it done haha, I love the thought of being crushed by someone elses blubber

squashing😍8 months

Generalization time (in other words, please don't be upset if this doesn't apply to you):

I think you don't see much about squashing here is because the majority of the feeders seem to be dominant (whether male, female, straight or gay), and the majority of the feedees are submissive.

But there are always exceptions, right?

squashing😍8 months

I always BEG my feedee wife to get on top of me, but she says it just squeezes her belly too much to be comfortable.

Meh, guess you just can't have it all ~____^