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ever feeling disgusted about your kink?2 years


No one should ever put you down about your sexualilty or what you injoy in life...

I'm proud of my kink and it will never change... My friends and family except it and are happy with my choice in life.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

I'm exactly the same as you. There are moments in which it's all about my belly expanding and my pants getting horribly tight, and I just think of how incredibly arousing is the feeling of getting fat, and there are other moments in which I take a look at my body, think of how it used to be, and feel almost sick because it feel like there is something not right in me to be turned on by what most ot the people find disgusting. This is not to say we are the wrong ones, cause everyone exists his own way, but if you define "perversion" as a diversion from the behaviour of the main part of the population, we are all perverted, and the word alone can make one feel kind of wrong.
Well, all this is relates to my fetishism concerning myself. When it comes to the fact I find sexy chubby or fat girls and not thin or fit ones, which is quite the opposite than pretty much any person I know, I feel perfectly well with it. I can't talk about this with anyone because they wouldn't understand, and this could make me feel a bit lonely sometimes, but it can't be helped, everyone has his preferences, and I don't see why prefering mayonnaise to ketchup shoud be acceptable and prefering fat to a fit body should not.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

Woulden't say disgusted. Personally i'm not a huge fan of feederism and more into the bopo/fat acceptance side of this community.

I like to see people for them and not just as fetish items.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

My fantasy is including to let the feedee suffer, let feel him pain after he is stuffed and ballooned, maybe helpless. I have no explanation why this fantasy aroses me. I learned to accept this as a part of me, even I do not understand that.
But my head sais that`s just crazy, ugly and against everything I learned to be right.

There is nothing wrong with you at all! You are who you are, and there are plenty of guys who would love to live this fantasy with you.

Me, for example.

I would say that this is not a question of what is right or moral but more about you finding joy where you find joy -- which in this case is in the vision of a man suffering from your helping him discover his true nature as well.

I wish you the best in making this come true for you.

And don't feel bad about it. Enjoy it, and feel pleasure.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

No, I find fat women beautiful, so nothing to be disgusted by. If I though they were gross, but still sexually attracted to them that might be different. Also, I'm not much of a feeder, I don't encourage women to gain. But if they do, I am definitely turned on. So I don't feel I encouraged them to gain, and don't feel guilty about any consequences.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

In the beginning I was confused and conflicted about gaining. When I was aroused getting fat was the best thing in the world. After I cummed I felt "this getting fat thing is not for me".

But now even when I'm not aroused I love being fat and want to get fatter. I think once you get past worrying what others think, you realize there's nothing wrong about it.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?11 months

I feel turned on by fat and gaining, but once I've cum I revert to my old fitness-first self which finds it very unhealthy ('disgust' is too strong a word for it). It's a daily struggle, but for me personally the risks outweigh the pleasure on this one (YMMV, of course - I don't judge). Luckily I have a not-quite equal and opposite fetish for being thin, so hey-ho. I ended up exactly "normal" weight!

I don't feel /too/ bad about either - they're clearly just part of how I'm wired - but then there is a difference between what I fantasise about and what I do, luckily ;p

Re Internet stuff that was mentioned: I find it totally creepy and wrong when pictures of clearly unsuspecting people are put up in the context of 'hot fatties' - their pictures taken from social media profiles and such. ~shudder~

If they are a savvy model or gainer who uploads videos of their body for their own pleasure and the pleasure of their admirers, that's a totally different kettle of fi- fudge, of course.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?10 months

I've never felt disgusted but I have felt like life would of been easier if I had been "normal". I mean, because of my preferences the potential pool of partners is more limited than it otherwise could have been. Then of course there is the fact that actually living out the lifestyle is demanding, economically and physically. So less disgust and more just... envy of those who have "simpler" kinks, which is of course relative but I think anyone reading this would know what i mean.


ever feeling disgusted about your kink?10 months

Not for a long time. FA's are made to feel like perverts - especially feeders...but I first noticed as a kid that all the girls I thought were cute were bigger than the girls my friends liked. Sometimes it's easier to get one to GET big than it is to find as big one who goes for you. Either way, a nice round tummy makes you EXTRA yummy, in my book.

ever feeling disgusted about your kink?10 months

I dont't think that this kink is selfish, disgusting or anything like that... and The pool of Potential matches isn't smaller.
There are just as many guys out there who like extra slim girls like models and their girlfriends have to stay hungry for their whole lifetime.
Also there are so many guys who prefer big boobs or blondes or anything else and the pool of their potential partners isn't bigger than the pool of big women.
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