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blackpool weekend, may bank holiday2 years

We've done a few Blackpool Weekenders so far and I promise to make this one just as fun.

You're welcome for the whole weekend or just one of the nights- whatever suits you best! It's over the end of May Bank Holiday weekend

Friday 26th - Usually a quieter night, dinner, drinks and possibly some Karaoke

Saturday 27th Day Time- Touristy stuff in the day time, everyone doing their own thing

Saturday 27th Night Time - Pre Drinks in a bar called Peek a Booze (72-74 Dickson Rd, Blackpool FY1 2AR) and then onto a club - both venues will be accessible and have plenty of reserved seating

Sunday 28th - This is a throw-away day, you won't be missing much if you do have to leave this day as we're usually all too hungover to do much anyway!

HOTEL - There are HUNDREDS of Bed and Breakfasts on Dickson Road in Blackpool so I would suggest somewhere on or very near there. However it is a May Bank Holiday so I would try and book as soon as possible

Anyone is welcome - there are always lots of newbies and we're nice, promise!

As ever, there is a KIK group for people who are attending to chat, make plans and get to know one another - If you want to be added send over your username.

Any questions please ask, Look forward to seeing you all there!

Debz xx

P.S More details will be added/confirmed nearer the time!

blackpool weekend, may bank holiday2 years