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why do we have this fetish?????2 years

I can't say I know WHY I have it, but I will say that I had signs of it even before I knew it for sure. For example, when I was in eighth grade, I remember going on a trip to a water park for the end of the year. I remember initially I was a little turned off by the sight of some chubby girls in bikinis, but it didn't take long for me to realize that deep down I was turned on by it. I liked how they hung and jiggled and how soft they were. The same could be said when I was graduating high school and I went to a water park for yet another end-of-the-year field trip and getting turned on by a couple of chunky girls in bikinis. I remember how they joked about their fat and grabbed it and I was like "Oh come on, you don't look too bad."

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind thin girls or even fit girls. In fact, I LIKE them. But for some reason, I had a feeling that I was turned on by the sight of chubby girls, but I didn't realize it until I was about 19 or 20. That was when I started knowing it. Not that I was in denial about it, but I was never sure.

why do we have this fetish?????2 years

I think we're more or less born with our fetishes. As to why, maybe to encourage genetic diversity?

Personally, I didn't get into fat appreciation until later in life. I was always overweight and very self-conscious about it. I knew I loved to eat and that I didn't like to diet and exercise, but I didn't like my body nor did I believe that anyone was capable of finding me attractive.

This says it pretty much for me, except that I did like physical activity: weight lifting, running, biking. I did it because I like it, though I'm limited now, not by my weight, but by back surgery.

It was really only in the past few years that I let myself gain weight and like how I look being fat. I've always been a fan of bhm. I realized there are too many good looking bhm for there to be anything wrong with it or be ashamed of.

As much as I used to dislike being overweight, ironically, I'm having a hard time gaining. As for why I like it, I have no idea. All I know is that fat guys turn me on, and I get aroused identifying with them.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

I remember reading that the things that made us uncomfortable as children become turn-ons as adults. That would explain all the BDSM archetypes of the headmistress, clergy, etc. It would certainly explain an obsession with getting fat if we were shamed for it as kids or taught that it was the worst thing that could possibly happen to us. I fall into the latter category. As a kid all the normal movie/cartoon themes were terrifying but made me feel a certain way at the same time. As an adult I get off on seeing other people give themselves over to gluttony & hedonism and I give in quite regularly myself.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

I honestly do not know why I have this fetish. I do know that around the age of 4 is when I realized I was attracted to fat women and I wanted to be fat myself. I remember as a kid trying understand why anyone who was fat would want to lose weight. I just recently gave into the desire to get fatter and I know I really love having this fetish.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

It starts off simple and small, then it hits that you like what you like.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

Yes...just like most have replied...I have had this desire and fetish since I was young. I remember liking the chubbier girls in elementary school with the pretty faces. They were all just a little chubby as far as their arms and faces and little fuller belly than all the skinny girls. I was on a family vacation at around 9-10 yrs. old and I remember seeing a mother that had on really tight jean shorts that were short and her thighs were Tan, really Fat and riddles with cellulite and I really liked it. About the same time over summer I was at the beach with a friend of mine and I had never met his Mother which drove us and stayed with both of our families at the beach and as she took off her large sundress she was in a gold one piece bikini and she was Big and Fat with the hugest thighs, butt, belly and breasts and I couldn't stop starring and I was totally turned on and fascinated by how she looked......and I specifically remember how she struggled to move all her extra weight walking in the sand and how she seem to jiggle and bounce and I was addicted with the fascination of all her Fat.

As I have grown up so has the interest in more and more weight on my girlfriends and now wife and basically on what really turns me on. Weight Gain is a very big fetish for me.....not just the Fat itself....seeing the changes in so many ways. The changes of all the extra weight with movements, how much more my wife eats as she is getting heavier, the more vulnerable care free attitude and even the loss of control with eating is so appealing and arousing. Also, the weight gain fetish has grown in other areas of my life.....a couple times I intentionally gained and became very aroused by it almost as much as witnessing my wife fattening up before my eyes....I guess part of that was I was actually able to do something about it to accelerate it faster by stuffing myself....where as my wife doesn't try to gain she just over indulges for periods and loses control of her appetite and tends to pack on some Lbs. fairly quickly.

I am not sure but have read many things about why we may have this fetish....but I think what is interesting to me is how much this fetish varies upon individuals. Some may like fat on themselves and not others and vise versa, some may like it on both.....and some the fetish can change and add more into ones life as they get older. I mean....if someone would have told me when I was in High School when I considered a 5' 3" girl/woman at 150+ Lbs. to be Fat and my ideal......and then today which my wife is 5' 3" and I would love to see her weigh 300 Lbs. or even 350 Lbs. I would have never imagined that. Not to mention would I have ever thought I would have enjoyed myself growing a big Gut a couple times.

Also.....I tend to wonder where my wife is concerned....based on what someone else mentioned above about this fetish. She happened to be a chunky and overweight kid.....and all her relatives and parents friends would always tell her she would be so Beautiful if she lost weight. She never told me any of this until after we were dating for a while and I mentioned to her that I wouldn't mind at all if she gained weight and encouraged her to eat big meals and allow herself her favorite treats and deserts. That was when she said she worked really hard her junior year in High school to slim down because she was a Fat kid and got even fatter when she first started High School. So she has always seemed to enjoy her food and definitely her sweets but doesn't like it when she starts to gain a little to much weight. Fortunately for me that attitude has subsided a lot over the years and what she considers Fat on herself before is like 40-50 Lb difference than she use to. But what really got me thinking is when I was intentionally fattening myself which added 40+ Lbs. to mainly my Gut in only 4 months she seemed to be really into it and turned I feel like she does have a hidden desire for weight gain mostly on me but even a little bit on herself at times......not to mention she seemed to try and feed me fatter without ever mentioned how big I had gotten...only a couple of times when she was slightly intoxicated....and in an soft teasing endearing way. So there are so many differences to this fetish and how open everyone is about it.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

The logical reason behind this so-called "fetish" is quite simple: natural selection.

During aeons, our primitve ancestors, acclimated to harsher conditions than ours and depending of fishing and hunting-gathering, get used to survive through periods of starving, so that our physiology developped within time a biological mechanism system in order to help us to get through those difficult times: the more our bodies get privated of food after a long lapsetime, the more our digestive system turn the belittle of which we consume into energy stock - and what more easy to stock than fat??

This adaptation likely stemmed overtime to an quite noticeable increase of fuller-bodied females in age to breeding among prehistorical societies, who used to think that curvaceous even grossly obese women were better susceptive to be fecund than skinnier females.
This is hence why the very earliest artefacts related to anthropomorphic sacralization during the late Paleolithic era let to the prosperity a plethora of evidence, the so called prehistoric Venus figures, always related to the same criterias: those of plain-to-grossly-obese, giant-bosomed women in matronal posture with a set of overly child-bearing hips and heavy-bottom (to not even saying, properly Steatopygian) posterior as the epitome of beauty, womanhood and sacred fertility.

Ages past and diversity of cultures, choices, social-environmental conditions and propagandas as so diversified the then mostly-universal human view of beauty, optimal health and womanhood. Western societies knew during centuries various changes about their own beauty ideals, so that being an overweight or lesser-figured woman became something of trendy depending the epoch: sometimes, looking like a Botticellian egerie was the utmost thing to do, sometimes valorizing plain figures with thin waists was too.

Only, those same very things drastically changed (for wrong, concerning fat lovers) during the 1910s when fashion industry undergoes an newly stage of its industrialization process: for economical reasons, stylists prefered thin models in order to produce their newly fashion lines since the longer the tissue the more money it was requiered to purchase. Consequently, body weight ideals and views about optimal health were adapdated to fit those changes and since then, Westerner fashion industry promotes thinner women, ranging from utterly-emaciated-to-moderably-plain depending the decade. This is however starting to the the 1930s that medical academics ultimately embraced those economical-focused bias and started their earliest pro-bodyshaming scientific propaganda, propaganda which will finally echoing during the Sexual Revolution in early 1960s and where Marilyn Monroe-lookalike ideals were switched in the place for unmuscular, lanky figures; then during the mid-seventies that the fitness-o-mania will fled around alongside the Janefonda-o-mania. Thereafter, this is during the nineties then early noughties that this nevropathological part inside thin-centered beauty standards might attain its peak when fashion industry will force their models to starve themselves radically in order to glamourize waifily figured, androgynous bodies as the utmost quintessence for beauty... the lesser quintessence been the Size Zero!

Though, even if thin centered view of beauty ideals now (still) predominate upon society - in spite the "Big Booty Era/Bottle Shape Era" existing since the mid-noughties due to both the influence of commercial Hip-Hop videoclips and their depiction of women on youth and how North American demographics knew also a radical paradigm shift - and that the lesser "mainstream" Plus Size Era undergoes some serious form of "thinner-washing" during this late decade (by example: when is the last time we heard about internationnally famous models like Rosie Mercado or Ashley Graham treated of "gross" , "morbidly obese" and "unhealthy" by thin-obssessed tabloids, not appraised by them?? How many times Rihanna packed like three dozen of pounds in an half-year for the umpteenth time of her career then that nobody drove out of their minds because she'd became "thick" ?? Since even when Rihanna got veridically fatter than Rosie Mercado herself??! When is the last time did you even heard about Velvet d'Amour??) - those age-old ideals still lies deep down into the collective subconsciousness.

Sometimes, this instinctive desire manifests itself in various ways: sometimes indecisive, sometimes tottering, sometimes fully overt and even sometimes in an very oversexualizing or deviant way.

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

I remember reading that the things that made us uncomfortable as children become turn-ons as adults. That would explain all the BDSM archetypes of the headmistress, clergy, etc. It would certainly explain an obsession with getting fat if we were shamed for it as kids or taught that it was the worst thing that could possibly happen to us. I fall into the latter category. As a kid all the normal movie/cartoon themes were terrifying but made me feel a certain way at the same time. As an adult I get off on seeing other people give themselves over to gluttony & hedonism and I give in quite regularly myself.

There is a thin line between being terrified and being aroused when it comes to this sort of thing. What we may fear the most is also what we crave the most. I really appreciate your analysis of this, and it does much to explain the psychology of this fetish -- if it can be called a "fetish".

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

I only recently figured out I have this fetish, but it probably has to do with the fact that I've been really fat my whole life and felt a lot of shame over it and got made fun of a lot. Out of curiosity I started reading fat fetish / weight gain stories and I found myself being turned on by them and fantasizing about being made fatter. Plus it actually made me feel good about myself, how in the stories the girls were fat but it was treated as a good thing. And I realized from watching porn that I prefer big chubby bellies to flat ones, they're fun to play with smiley

One thing I have been into from a young age was helplessness -- getting tied up, gagged, and so on. When I was four, five, six years old I would play games where I pretended to be tied up, wrote stories about women being bound and gagged, and I got turned on when I saw characters in shows being tied up or otherwise rendered immobile... I think this fetish might be an extension of that, specifically my force feeding / bloating fetish. The idea of being completely helpless, tied to a bed, as someone stuffs me against my will, with no choice but to lay there and swallow everything being shoved in my mouth as my belly gets bigger and bigger and sorer, maybe even to the point where I can no longer move on my own... It's so hot. I used to think stuffing was weird and gross but I really came around to it within the last year lol

why do we have this fetish?????7 months

I was a chubby kid (pre-teen) and my father would often point it out saying "If you keep on eating like that and not exercising your belly is gonna grow". I remember playing with my fat and liking the texture of it even back then. I watched a lot of cartoon as a kid and the episodes where one of the characters gets fat were my favorite.

My favorite toys were not action figures nor toy cars, but stuffed animals. I like how soft they felt (like how fat does).
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