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heavy cream whilst pregnant experiment2 years

This would be a good point to start packing the pounds then wouldnt it

heavy cream whilst pregnant experiment2 years

Uh, isn't this extremely irresponsible for the babies she's carrying?

heavy cream whilst pregnant experiment2 years

So guys as some of you know im pregnant with twins.

I was thinking while my body is in fat storage mode to start using heavy cream to get my belly ballooning to huge sizes.

Once Ive given birth then ill have an even bigger belly to fill and hoping to achieve a huge round belly.

Can anyone advise me how much to start with to give my system a chance to get used to it?

Here's a thought: don't.
Your children - congrats, by the by - are being influenced by the things you are eating at this time. Binging fatty dairy may well give them the tendency to do the same once they fully grow up - your choices literally become their preferences.
And that says nothing of the fact that if you fatten yourself intentionally during pregnancy, you will also fatten your unborn children.

Wait until after the babies are born to start thinking of how to fatten yourself. I saw someone else mention brestfeeding...that's also something to think of.
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