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odd fetishes...2 years

I do have thing for evil laughs, never ever met someone with the same fetish.

I have heard that laugh from more than one Mistress at a BDSM event. {Evil Grin}

odd fetishes...2 years

Plastic Pants
Forced Bloating
Scat :-( hate to admit it

odd fetishes...1 year

maybe it goes without saying? but i love burping. i love when men or women do it, i love doing it. i just think its the sexiest thing. especially if its paired with eating.

id love to experience giving kissy burps with someone, where they burp in my mouth while we kiss and vice versa, coupled witih rubbing eachothers bellies.

stomach noises. sloshy, gurgly, upset stomach noises are a turn on too.

hmmm uuuh body hair? on men and women. it looks sexy as hell, im also a woman who prefers not to shave.

I would have registered mine here, but this mostly covers it. Add some flatulence to it and you are me.
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