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Just some general feedback would be nice, especially from ssbbw women. What would be your ultimate stuffing weightgain sexual fantasy. No holds bar, graphic details please get as dirty as you like.Feel free to attach pictues. I'm open minded and know I love being dominated. I prefer ssbbw the bigger the better possibly even immobile I'm 420 friendly and would probably smoke(and of coarse offer I'm not rude). And then possibly partake in other question able substances and begin feeding what ever you would live to stuff yourself with most.I would then stuff you to the point of extacy, then just before you thing you can't eat another bite I shove the rest of your cheesecake down your throat and then go down on You, I don't like bragging, but I can whistle with my tounge. After you come the first time we decide to to 69 you on to of coarse I continue to bury my face in you ass and vagina eating both out and grabbing your massive soft squishy rolls towards me I smother my soft lips and tounge deep into your vagina and go deeper smothering my whole body with you r massive weight, as you suck my penis and pull hard on my balls, I like a little abuse. No, I'm lying dominate the shit out of me. I don't want to get too graphic but if you would like to hear more let me know.