extreme obesity

women fat makers3 months

No British female feeders on this thread lol

Hi British female feeder I love making men chubby 😂😘

Nice :-)

women fat makers3 months

I would love to have any encouragement from the girls here

women fat makers3 months

I'd love to completely give in to a female feeder and become massive for her

women fat makers2 months


For the record, you might have female-immobile-feeders confused with unicorns.

Because we absolutely exist. Maybe more rare, but rumors of our 'endangered status' are greatly exaggerated.

women fat makers2 months

Would love to be fattened up by a female feeder. Hit me up if anybody is interested.

women fat makers1 month

It's a dream about obesity with love. Every pound for her. Measurement of weight and her smile when she sits on my full stomach.
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