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is anyone a regular at a restaurant? thoughts...2 years

Does anyone eat at the same place enough to be considered a "regular"?
I don't eat out that often, but if I had a favorite place, I would enjoy having the same server that knows my order as soon as I walk in.
For stuffing sake, I would enjoy ordering the same thing consistently, cleaning my plate, thanking the server, and tipping well. Then one day, after finishing my meal, I would ask for another round of the same thing.
This is the test. If the reaction is positive, I know I'm in the right place. If not, they don't appreciate big eating.
The only reason I would be confident I could finish two rounds is because I had been eating beforehand every other time I had been there, but not that day.
Then, I would go back to getting just one again most of the time, but occasionally ordering a second. Then, when I have built up a reputation, I would order both rounds at once.