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eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

Went to a park on the Upper East Side to eat the 3 Dunkin' donuts and large vanilla milkshake I had purchased while busting out of my tight shirt and shorts. There was an extremely fit woman modeling running shoes and running shorts near the bench on which I planted myself. As she kept changing positions for her photographer, they were both able to see me stuff my face - a chocolate glazed donut in one hand, milkshake in the other. When I pulled out the third donut, she definitely made a face of some combination of disgust and surprise.

Anyone else have a similar experience eating in public? I cannot get enough of this!

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

Hehe, nice story. I had a similar experience, where I went to a park with a whole pizza and some pastries and ate all of it with my gut bulging out of some overgrown clothes. Definitely got a few stares of disbelief and disgust from the joggers and others walking past.

I also enjoy "showing off" at restaurants and have stuffed myself in outgrown clothes quite a few times in the last months. One that I particularly enjoyed was at a buffet recently. I was wearing a sweatshirt over my outgrown clothes, but at some point I took the sweatshirt off to reveal my huge stuffed belly. Got a few "polite" but surprised looks from the neighboring table, and then one guy walking by just stared and smiled as I rested my hand on top of my belly. Almost as if he knew what I was doing and appreciated it... I wonder if he is on here too haha.

Oh one more... I went to the grocery store, also bulging out of clothes, and loaded my cart with fattening junk food while sipping on huge milkshake. My belly was bouncing all over, and practically everyone I passed stared. I think I was shocking to them because it was an area full of health nuts. Some may have even recognized how fat I got so fast.

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

Once I had grown out of most of my clothes I had gained so much but my clothes hadn't arrived from delivery yet and I needed to go out to eat. So I wore my biggest clothing (still way too tight) and I burst out of most of my shirt buttons and my jeans were ripping at the back :O

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

One of my biggest fantasies is to go to the beach in a too-small Speedo with two footlong subs and stuff myself...then waddle past the hardbodies as I go to the concession stand to get more food.

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

I had a date with a coworker last month,. She overslept and in her rush to work, she pulled on an old dress that was probably now way too tight for an office environment. Anyway, I needed to speak to her ( really) and she waved me into my office while she was on the phone. I sat there working on my laptop where I could see behind her desk for what must of been 10 minutes checking out the view. I complemented her on the dress, and she laughed an told me the story and more or less stayed in her office behind the desk all day ( something get piled in "my" chair so no one got the good view.). Anyway she went home and changed clothes before we went to dinner- to my disappointment.

It's hard to tell a woman she looks good, in part because she's fat, as opposed to she looks good in spite of being fat.

So I missed my chance to watch her stuff herself at her favorite Mexican place in the tight outfit. And she thinks she looks so much better in the thick sweater,

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

I forced my husband to go out in a pair of jeans that literally cut his hips and a shirt that was pretty tight lucky for him nothing happened when we was out but when we got back home he sat down on the sofa 3 buttons came off his shirt and as his belly burst forward it took out his jean button too . I literally had to jump him right then and there

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

ellianna evvs:
I had an ex who wanted to go to a buffet with tight clothing and I was all for it. By the time we were leaving, he popped a button on his shirt. It was up there on my list of "hottest things ever"

Omg you lived the dream! That one of my favorite fantasies. So jealous!

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

There's a swimming hole near me I like to visit, well actually it's the whitewater center for the 1996 Olympics. On the weekends it's filled with rafters and kayakers, but on the weekdays the water is diverted for making electricity, turning the whole area into an amazing swimming hole.

Before I get there I make a quick stop at the Sonic drive-in for a burger. After that I get some fries and a hot fudge sundae. They aren't very big so I can eat 3 easily. It's a hot summer day so I have to order each ice cream seperately so they don't melt- I feel bad about making the car hop bring me 4 different orders while I stuff myself so I make sure to leave tips each time. Before I leave I order the largest size milkshake they have and head to the swimming hole.

There is a paved sidewalk that runs along a few miles of the now-dry river, littered with swimmers and sunbathers. I park at the lowest parking lot, take my shirt off, grab my towel, huge milkshake and a bag of snacks, and walk all the way upstream to the uppermost swimming area. My stomach is so full from my ice cream binge I feel like I ate a watermelon whole. My shorts are all super tight from having gained weight recently, really accentuating my gut.

Through my dark shades I can see every snicker and stare that people make as I strut up the sidewalk with my belly stuffed as can be from eating too much ice cream. Why I crave that I'll never know. I usually lay around for a bit eating snacks and trying to tan my white belly before I head back, once again passing all of the other sunbathers and swimmers.

I can't wait to go this year, I've been gaining since last summer.

eating in public, wearing tight clothing2 years

👆🏻 also ridiculously hot. I hope you take some photos of that stuffed belly enjoying the sun next time you head over there!

eating in public, wearing tight clothing1 year

Over the weekend I went to a pool party and I wore my fatkini for the first time in a long time. My fat was busting out everywhere lol I looked huge and my cousin kept asking me if I had another swimsuit​ lol and I found one of my friends' uncles has a thing for fat girls...I wonder if he's up here 😏

XD That's hilarious

I'm too self conscious when I wear tight clothing but it's so comfortable.
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