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buffets2 years

Love 'em to death! Anyone have a personal favorite? Or any buffet moments they want to share?

My favorite buffet has to be either the Hibachi in Jacksonville(NC), or the Golden City in Wallace(NC)! Of course, I do also love Golden Corral in general(unlike my parents, they insist it's not as good as it was)!

Don't really have any good buffet stories, though I wish I did!

buffets2 years

When I hit a buffet, I sit as close as I can to where the food is to, as closely as possible, watch all the extra fat women show up make their presence felt. The ones who unashamedly stack their plates heavy with vittles and don't stop at three are my favorites. I saw two girl friends eating together one night, both definitely over 400 pounds, just going back time after time for more - and lots more. They'd clearly been stretching their stomach's for years and had all kinds of room in there engineered for stuffing themselves to the rafters. For them it was all about the food - I think 24/7. And they waddled out many thousands of calories to the good. Exciting to watch.