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new measurments2 years


when i started this whole journey, I had already gained some weight from my original "youth weight"... I had been about 7.5 stone when i met my bf had has got to about 9.5 stone by the time we kind of made it a "thing" to try and go along with it.

at that point. i think i was around a 34a/b, 30waist, 36 hips.

well, i think ive just hit another mile stone in terms of my measurements.

i got all measured up recently, and im currently at:

36c, 40, 44

thats a 40 inch waist... kinda crazy to me. in my mind .. a waist is in the late 20's/early 30's... to think my waist now measures 40 inches around (it has been around that, while sitting down, for a while.) when standing up, normally. is pretty crazy.

anyway, i thought i would share it in my first forum post.

if anyone wants to comment on this, or my pics, thats very welcome.

new measurments2 years

thats amazing i love the gain.. is your man still gaining? i myself have put on like 70lbs in total. lol

new measurments2 years

my man isn't gaining...

its all about my own gain.

new measurments2 years

Love to know you are actively gaining dear n the new measurements are totally cool.

new measurments2 years

thanks eaiden

new measurments2 years

You are welcome n keep growing bigger

new measurments2 years

Congratulations are in order. A forty inch waistline is QUITE a milestone!