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what is the worst thing about being obese?5 months

My blood pressure is now in the high range, ugh. I plan to do more yoga

I don't know about yoga, but I cut a lot of salt out of my diet and started swimming 3 times a week. Even while gaining, my blood pressure improved.

Good to know! Right now I can only swim in summer, can't afford a membership to a gym with an indoor pool. But if the yoga doesn't work maybe I'll try cooking at home more and use the money I save toward pool access. (I have a great weakness for Asian food and so far cooking it myself hasn't worked out so well. smiley )

I was mediocre at cooking Asian food until I started using Jet Tila's cookbook, "101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die". It's incredibly well written, and targeted at amateurs. Almost everything I have made so far, others have thought came from a restaurant. It's less expensive than take out, etc too. 400 may come much faster for you.
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