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any one interested in feeding machines2 years

Hey guys,

So for all you feedees and feeders out there, would anyone be interested in getting a feeding machine?

I've been thinking about making some for a while.


What sort of features do you think should be included?

Things to think about would be tank size? Safety features like should there be a cut out if the pressure gets to high? Variable flow? Temperature regulation to keep warm stuff warm and cold stuff cold?

And how much would you want to pay for one?

I'll take the best ideas and make something up. Anythings possible so go crazy!

any one interested in feeding machines2 years

The first thing that comes to mind would be a need for a variable flow, since not everyone eats at the same pace.

For tank size, perhaps make the tank an interchangeable part, to avoid needing different models for different tank sizes

any one interested in feeding machines7 months

I would love a feeding machine! Features I think it would need include: variable flow rate; when the pressure sensor cuts out the flow, it automatically tries again 5 minutes later; I presume there would be a head strap for keeping the tube comfortably in the mouth securely. And auto-stop when the tank is empty, to avoid pumping in air ...

any one interested in feeding machines7 months

Iím sure everyone knows this cartoon! smiley

any one interested in feeding machines7 months

I've thought about this a little bit. I'd probably try to build a machine like this by modifying some existing device. A kegerator comes to mind- it's like a mini-fridge with extra holes in it to accommodate a beer keg, sometimes with taps built in. It would be less expensive than the other base I can think of, a soft-serve ice cream machine. Obviously in both cases, you'd want to use a lower refrigeration setting to avoid brain freeze.

Now, with the kegerator, you wouldn't be keeping a keg in there. You'd have like a gallon or two tank, though, and some kind of pump (hydroponic pump, maybe?) that can force the contents up through a tube while it's running.

In either case, for practicality you'd want the whole thing rigged to a foot pedal or something that allows the feedee to stop the flow if they need to, especially if this is something you plan to use to keep them "topped off" throughout the day while you're not necessarily around to supervise.

any one interested in feeding machines7 months

This story always comes to mind when anything with an eating machine is referred to, something like this creation would be a dream, but something like this is also highly fictional lol. Personally I would want something that is easy to use for one person, and something that is mobile enough that I can do this while laying on my bed, sitting on the couch, or just wherever.

any one interested in feeding machines2 months

That's an interesting idea.

Everything you need is some wealthy engineer with a hardcore Stuffing/Feederism fetish and a few human guinea pigs ready to give their bodies to science and here we goes...