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Three and a half months ago I had an opportunity to get stuffed at one of my favorite restaurants. I only ate four plates before I got nauseous and had to tap out. I was very disappointed, and decided to do something about it.
I looked up techniques that competitive eaters use and here for stuffing advice, and experimented with a number of bloats over the next month. I tried mentos & coke, seltzer, bananas & sprite, water training, whole head of lettuce & cabbage, only eating one big meal a day, a cake shake, and some other things. I wasn't really interested in gaining, & I wanted to fit any stuffing I wad doing into my busy schedule, and jad to know what the sise effects of each thing were.
I settled into a routine of water training 1st thing in the morning, piece of fruit for breakfast, big lunch topped off with more water (unless I had a meetings scheduled in the afternoon), and a normal dinner with my family (who have no idea about any of this).
In order to mitigate the effects of all my training, I put in extra gym time, I ate less cheese and heavier foods (which have a greater "stuffing hangover effect"smiley and I stopped snacking in between meals. I never felt sluggish when stuffing cooked veggies or water training, and the added water and healthy food made me more regular and cleared upmy skin. I could only do one half-gallon of water for the first week, but after three weeks, I could get a little over two gallons of water in one sitting. At that point, I always replaced some of the water with gatorade, pickle juice, or veggie broth to avoid water toxicity. I only overdid it twice and threw up, and learned how to get up and move around and rub my belly between rounds.
Last month, I had a couple days off of work where I could test my increased capacity. I went to two buffets over three days, and cleared six plates at each. Mission accomplished.
Since then, I have tapered down the water training and have slowly transitioned back to three square meals a day. Even now, if I do a wster bloat just for fun, I can still do two gallons, but I have to be conscious about when to stop eating, as I hit a point where my stomach switches from "enough for now" to "needs to be all the way stuffed".
Tips I learned for anyone who wants to eat more:
1: Get up and move. If I was inactive, my aappetite crashed.
2: Greasy heavy and syrupy food doesn't stuff as well. If you are going to eat that, pair it with something simple that will soak it up.
3: Push yourself slowly. Eating snd drinking faster just makes you hit the wall harder.
4: Don't stop. When I did hit a wall, I still kept the next bite or swig in my mouth until I was eventually ready to swallow it.