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80,000 cal pills - just an interactive simulation debate2 years

Okay, I was recently fallen onto some interesting thread on Quora (whom I suspect highly that it was asked by a F.A.) from same kind, so, just for fun, I pose there a revised version from my own :

Imagine there's exists a brand of extra-nutritive pills on the market, each pill able to nourish his/her user with enough like nutritionnal dosage to sate any average individual at a daily rate (let saying 2-3000 calories per day) . For some reasons, the mass production of pills far much calorically-higher (perhaps reserved to militairy, olympic-range athletes and both bodybuilders and gainers/feedees) begans to invade thoroughly the underground market. 

You're a proficient genius scientist - I mean, a truly XXIth-century polymath owning an full array of multiple knowledge and inventions, a Modern-Age Leonardo Da Vinci - who got actually in full active flirting involvment with a 5 feet 11, stalky and waif-figured young yet famous 95 lbs lawyer (in an another instance, a supermodel-lookalike influent person) with, because of many years of both self-restricted below-the-average low-hydrocarbs diet, studies and profession, a consequently below-the-average active lifestyle and bit to no daily standard training. During a feisty lounge party from one of her close friends - a railbony female gingerbeard stylist in stylish loose-fitting clothes and who looks strangely like Tessa Munster"s doppelgänger. But in over-220-pounds-lighter - whom she guested you, the lawyer cladded into a somptuous Size 0 sleeveless embroidded gown is also followed by her two younger sisters : the junior - a 20-yrs old brawny, lean yet massively musculous, 235 lbs gym freak who stand up from her colossal, mesomorph-figured 6 feet 4 all enframing by a size-10-yet-expressely-tailored-to-her-need Vintage pencil dress emphazising onto her ginormous guns and thunder legs but whom the few pictures your romantic involvement showed you recently about her family two years ago where the junior just looked 6 inches smaller and 100 lbs lighter into a yet softily large-hipped figure, she consume probably some kind of hardcore anabolics to achieve that unwillowy peak of body muscle density ; then the youngest though also smaller one (5 feet 4), a 18-yrs old Petite, very slender yet curvy, fairly well-breasted college cheerleader queen in size 2 blossom-printed floral dress who ran a slighty-above-the-average active lifestyle though, secretly, a much further attraction to daily overindulgence though her quick metabolism cannot help her to gaining some "layers of extra curves" beyond her steady 103-114 lbs like said her openly-F.A./Feeder boyfriend while they talk both together about their goal to make hitting her the 400-lbs range. 

Amidst the guests we found also the youngest sister's boyfriend, the whole cheerleading team of that latter one and few male suitors from the gym the junior sister used to work out.

The party goes on then, after five hours of ceremonial wine toast, heavy snack, beer toast, drunken dancing, skirmish jamming, the woman you're into surprized to some moment of "cheat meal" - like call her other sisters when she began weirdly each time she drunk too much to gobble down one third of fried turkey and 35 oz of heavy cream added with chocolate chip, coconut oil, flax seed and strawberry - then this time away the youngest one surprized in complete eating binge rage with what equaling for 8000 cal in food and a 70-oz simple heavy cream,  you suddenly realize, no without really understood why or how and even in spite youy wobbly sense of focus, there have clearly something wrong and wronger with your hosts from minute to minute. 
Moon faces. Swollen fingers. Numbness. Seesaw eye pouchs. Nothing such uncannily alarming to the average party-goer's blurred perception. So went the earliest nipple hardenings, fullgrown-like crinkles dabbling in sight as much quickly it dissipated, hair looking strangely bit longer-and-longer, hot-cold fever, sweating palms : the evidence only triggered through a harsh way for everybody while the whole crowd including the D.J. froze, terrifyed when a deafening noise superseded through the room... the sisters's stomaches, grumbling ferociously in unison. Stepped by a first surge of dense, tight stomach bloating. Then symtomatic heavy water retension through their limbs turning their both calves and feets into sausage-like cankles between-in their sandal heels. Unable to walk normally under their condition, you and few others people help them to trottle groggily till the nearest folding chairs. But, as they rubbes painfully their distensed bumps, they're done to notice their midriff flesh out outwards more and more tighter into a set of newly folds sideways their waistband...

When the main host call emergency, thinking they are victim of some unfortunate intoxication, your deductive mind lead you meanwhile to the dinner room where you find three twenty-units bottles of these illegal nutritive pills tra

80,000 cal pills - just an interactive simulation debate2 years

i would stash them lol

80,000 cal pills - just an interactive simulation debate1 year

i would stash them lol