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who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

Me! I wasn't as heavy as you, but I was teased for being overweight, picked last for teams, etc etc etc. I remember being so embarrassed that we had to buy my bathing suit in the women's section when I was a kid because none of the "girl's" sizes would fit me.

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

I've been fat since I was 10 years old. I was only teased occasionally though.

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

I've wanted to be fat since I was a kid, but was always too active to gain any weight at all, plus I'm a picky eater which didn't help. I'm trying to make up for it now though! ☺

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

I have always been extremely overweight. Looking at old photos, I was around 100lbs at age 4/5

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

For the most part, I wasn't really overweight growing up. I've always had a bad diet and never seemed to suffer the consequences for my gluttonous ways. My weight started catching up to me when I was in my last year of high school. I remember my school uniform fitted perfectly at the begin of the year, and I was struggling to get them on when I graduated several months later. When my friends started to notice I was putting on weight, they would go up to me and sneeze my nipples. I put on about 15kgs that year and I think I have gone up another 8kgs since I started working. How weight can so easily sneak up on you...

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

I was a chunky kid -- enough to get teased occasionally and to have to buy clothes in the 'husky' section some years. But somehow I just felt that the rest of the world was wrong and I was perfectly fine just the way that I was.

Bullet-proof male ego, maybe? Just kind of socially oblivious so that I didn't notice most of it much? It may have also helped that I could out-run, out-skate, and out-ski almost all of the kids my age, so that I had reason to feel to feel that my body was good?

I was less chunky after the puberty growth spurt, but that was when I started having 'fat' as part of my self-image. I guess I was still thicker than my peers, just thinner than before or after that period. I knew that wasn't good for dating, but honestly stressed more about having glasses and bad acne.

And the only time I got bugged about my weight in high school was generally when I was owning someone at floor hockey or passing them while running or the like. So I had a weird mix of feeling fat, but not having a lot of the typical feelings about feeling fat?

who here was the fat kid growing up?2 years

The complete opposite! I was always the skinniest kid, I couldn't gain a pound to save my life. Most of my childhood I had visible ribs. I didn't get fat until I was an adult. It's weird, I still feel like a skinny person even though I'm waaay far from that now.

I completely understand this....because I was the same. Always skinny when younger, in high school very sinewy muscle and athletic....always tried to put on more bulky a 25 yr old all of a sudden I became bulky muscular and then developed a little gut. Years after developed a big gut and became a muscle chub with a huge gut.....and somehow I always felt thinner than I actually was....or at least i still viewed myself at times as a skinnier guy for some reason.

My wife complained that she was always chunky and overweight as a kid and it wasn't till early in high school where she gained a bunch and she claimed she was Fat. But even when she is not that big she still has the thoughts of herself as being way fatter than she is.

I guess early on has shaped both of us in our minds a bit.

who here was the fat kid growing up?1 year

I've been skinny pretty much my whole life and I still am.

Is it kind of odd that I envy some of you? Sure the teasing might have been tough but for a lot of you, you love or at least accept the fact that you're fat, right? I think that's awesome, and I kinda wish I had a bad metabolism or a big unhealthy diet growing up.