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foodie or feedee2 years

I wonder of the people on this board which are heavier or have gained the most. I am sure some started as Foodies and turned into Feedee's.
any guesses?

Foodie or Feedee?

foodie or feedee2 years

This could be true. However I have heard a lot from those who claim to be "foodies" but are quite slim. I think there is a disconnect here somewhere. On this site a foodie is someone who truly enjoys a variety of foods and a lot of food. Elsewhere a foodie maybe someone who enjoys trying a variety of foods, but doesn't "indulge". Just a thought.

foodie or feedee10 months

I think foodies fall into 2 categories-
A- thin people who like to eat but usually stay skinny

B- heavier people who like to eat and gain weight but they don't mind