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advice needed for hardgaining ectomorph1 year

I'm a 26 year old male from the UK and just fed up with the way I look. I have always been super skinny/small framed/small boned to the point where I look malnurished and I am very selfconcious and embarrassed by it and now I want to gain weight. I am 5 ft 8 and weigh 8 stone. I have recently started a new diet that consists of eating avacado on toast with cereal and an apple when I wake up, an egg and bacon sandwich on my 10 AM breakfast break at work, for my lunch I go to a little Tesco and grab a ploughmans sandwich, a pot with 2 boiled eggs and spinach (somedays I'll grab a pasta salad instead of the eggs), a bag of crisps (potato chips if you're not from the UK) and a yogurt, then for dinner I usually have things like curry, chile, pasta, the odd takeaway pizza, pie with mash and peas and gravy and basically whatever my girlfriend cooks. I then normally proceed to snack a bit of junk like crisps and chocolate and have a bowl of cereal or toast. I want to start a workout routine that I can do at home as I don't want to go to the gym. Can anybody recommend a routine that I can do at home that could actually help me? Also anything that should be added to my diet. If anybody has their own diet plan that they would recommend, that would be welcome. I should also note that I am not normally a very big meat eater and I fucking hate fish, and with my girlfriend being vegan I now eat even less meat, but still eat dairy quite regularly. I'm willing to increase my meat intake though.

advice needed for hardgaining ectomorph1 year

Your diet sounds great. You probably just need to eat a lot more, maybe add a high calorie shake in somewhere (milk, ground oats, peanut butter, protein powder, bananas, coconut/olive oil)

I calculated your TDEE for you, though I wasn't able to add in your current exercise routine so the numbers might be off. If you were to lift weights 4x a week for 60 minutes, you would need to eat between 3800 - 4100 calories a day to gain 2 pounds (0.14 stone?) a week.

To gain one pound (0.07 stone?) a week, you would need to eat 3200-3500 calories a day.

I'd suggest starting out around 3000 calories, and working your way up from there. It will take about a month to adjust to the increased food intake, so give it time.

Track all of your food in an app (weighing everything would be ideal) to make sure you're meeting your calorie goals for the day.

I sent you a message with a link re: the workout aspect.