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new girl on the block2 years

Willing victim here, young looking fat boy in London - messaged you smiley

new girl on the block2 years

Hi there...

I am a 40 year old woman with blond hair and blue eyes. I am singke with no ties and very dominant and I have been experimenting with various fetishes.

I really want to try the feeder-feedee relationship. Since I was a child, I have identified with the witch in Hansel and Gretel, and more recently have discovered that this is not as rare as I had thought! So I am looking for a "victim" to fatten - either male or female and if you are aged about 20- even better. Tender meat!

Initially, it willl be online, but I expect you to webcam so I can watch you eat and measure your progress. If you fatten yourself nicely for me, I will meet up for IRL stuffing, but be warned... I am very demanding and once I get you in that cage, you are going nowhere except my cooking pot! :-D

Hey! I'm 18 years old and from London, just curious if you'd be interested, I'd be willing to be a "Victim".