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greetings from south dakota!1 year

Hey there!
I'm a 24-year-old living in the Black Hills of Western SD. I'm an indie-rock singer/songwriter, a Netflix enthusiast, and a bonafide pop-culture nerd...and I also happen to think that chubby girls who eat too much are just the absolute coolest.
So I was wondering if there are any feedees in my region?! smiley
I'm a pretty slim guy myself -- I prefer to stay in shape -- but I absolutely love to cook. So I think it'd be really stellar to meet someone who loves to eat! So please, if you're nearby, hit me up! I'd love to talk a bit and maybe get a bite (or more) to eat sometime.

greetings from south dakota!1 year

If you find any, let me know if there are any more.

I've been here a long time and you're the second person I've ever seen from SD on here.

Good luck!