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thin girl needs help gaining2 years

Hey I'm fairly new to gaining although I've wanted to be fat since I can remember I'm looking for some help and encouragement I'm about 125 lbs right now and my goal as of now is 160 I'd appreciate any tips y'all have so I can balloon up quickly and have the big belly I've always wanted

thin girl needs help gaining2 years

For your age, weight and height you'll need to eat between 2393 and 2564 calories a day to gain 1 lb a week, and between 2937 and 3111 to gain 2 lbs a week. If you have an active job and do any kind of exercise or walk a lot, you'll need to eat more than this though.

You should start tracking all your food in an app like My Fitness Pal to make sure you're eating enough to gain. If you have trouble eating a lot of solid food, I'd recommend making shakes as it's much easier for many new gainers to drink their calories.

If you're not averse to consuming unhealthy foods, one of the most effective weight gain shakes is ice cream, whole milk and heavy cream. If sugar makes you feel like crap, you can just drink the cream straight lol - or make shakes with healthy ingredients (if you need ideas just asksmiley

I've heard a lot of good things about cake shakes as well. Some girls here were able to gain rapidly using those.

thin girl needs help gaining2 years

One thing you might want to try is eatineating with friends, and making fatter friends. When you're eating socially it's easier to forget yourself and just have a long, social dinner or lunch. Also making friends with heavier people will help you - that second helping doesn't look so bad when you're around people who are eating more.