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name a sandwhich after you1 year

The creator

A submarine sandwich.

Light garlic toasted pretzel bread with cream cheese. Cheddar cheese, bacon, beef and chicken sliced meat on it in layers. Some lettuce, tomatoes and black olives(optional) Salt, Garlic Pepper. Sprinkled with a dusting of Parmesan cheese.

name a sandwhich after you1 year

The Eat More Meat Sandwich:

An open faced sandwich using thick sourdough bread.

Start off with slices of melted provolone, swiss, and munster cheese. Add shredded lamb, shredded chicken, and shredded turkey. Continue with pulled pork and crispy bacon. Top that off with spiced lamb and turkey gravy.

While it wouldn't be part of the sandwich, mashed potatoes would need to be added as a side.