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ending the war2 years


Me here, how's it going.

Lately I've noticed an ever increasing trend in this fetish that most people might consider a downward slide.

The advent of the pay to play feedees has not gone unrecorded in the history of this place.

A long time ago, there were only a very few feedees who seemed worthy of anyone spending any money on. They were something of legends in the community and rightfully so.

Now, it feels to me that everyone who has a webcam and the idea that says "I can make money off of this" is trying to do it.

Is there anything wrong with turning what you love into money? Clearly, no. It's everyone's dream to do this.

FF itself is this concept. Making money and being a place for all of us.

As you may have noticed, this website is falling apart. Or it feels like it anyway. No cam chat, limited messages, glitchy and dead chatrooms. How many times have you come in here and there was nothing going on, usually besides me talking to myself for hours on end, right?

Well. It wasn't always this way.

The site needs money to live. This is a fact. However most of us feel like there isn't anything on here worth paying for.

So this is my proposal.

FF and the cam feedees who keep asking for money need to make an alliance.

In return for a forum to work from, just for you where you can advertise all you want and do anything without too many give ten percent of what you make each month to the site.....and contribute to the community.

Talk to people. Get involved. Make friends. Sometimes just talking to people can improve a site.

Don't just throw your kik/contact info out in your profile and the shouts and keep fishing.

If you want to be professional, here's your chance.

FF is a business as much as it is a fetish site. And just like you. It needs money to keep on living. The people need something for their money. More than pictures and messages. So why not pay for you. You're worth it right.

I really like this place. I have for a long time.

You keep 90% The site gets ten. Every month.

Right now there is a constant war between "Morality" and "True Feederism" and that needs to come to an end. And in the past I've been guilty of taking a side. I realize that was stupid.

Letting all of that go will benefit all of us.

I am going to guess that most of you don't pay any kind of taxes by doing this work, right? So if FF gave you a place to work exempt from the current rules. Would you be interested in teaming up with the site.

Freedom to advertise in a forum all you wanted, make as much as you could to help this place keep on living?

The only thing we'd ask is that no scammers would be allowed. Honesty is always the best policy so if someone pays for something, they get it.

This silly war we have needs to end. People trying to make money off of this are never going to go away.

So instead of banning these people and accuse them of taking advantage of "desperate people" Why don't we start moving forward and making this place better for everyone.

We need something that Feabie does not. This is how we start taking back what we lost.

Food costs money, FF costs money to run. This could work if we work together. We need to work on removing the stigma of cam feedees who ask for money.

We are all just trying to make what we love to do make money in the end anyways.

It's time to change.

What do you say?

ending the war2 years

Thanks. I know, honesty is hard to get with people online.

I figured that a little competition between the cam girls would make them try a little harder, too.

I suppose their place on their forum could be considered rent, but yeah. Trust is hard, but someone has to extend the hand first. I figure FF should be the one to do it...before someone else tries this.

I had to try and say something. I got the idea last night.

Scammers are the worst, but like real life anyone who wouldn't pay something to keep their place in the forum would be removed from it. lol

ending the war2 years

Would a single forum would seem like value for money for web cam girls, since it would be very isolated from the rest of the website and provide limited reach to our members? Would be interesting to hear from some web models about this.

I have thought about doing something along these lines such as a web model/advertiser account. I guess anyone with such an account would need something on their profile stating that they were an advertiser.

My question is how much advertising would seem like value for money and are there any additional places we could allow advertising without the website being overtaken with spam?

ending the war2 years

Quite honestly, while it sounds like a good idea, it would not entice me. I don't really look at those accounts on Feabie either. The problems I have with FF is that it's slow, has poor search capabilities and the usability sucks. Paid or not paid, these problems are the same.

I've made suggestions to the owner and the best I get is "I'll think about it", then nothing changes.

For example, how long ago did we get that radical re-redesign that put the profiles with the first panel being "activity" (which is often empty). I know I saw several suggestions to make the "about" section the first panel. I gave the suggestion to take performance measurements to see how often users click on that and immediately go to the about section. The owner basically shined me on. This would be both a performance and a usability gain.

I've stopped making suggestions because I'm not being listened to. I'm also not coming back as a paying member until I am. I support Feabie.

There is a saying: "Just ignore your customer's complaints and they'll go away".

It might be a good idea, but it won't make any difference in my world.

ending the war2 years

Let's see if he does anything more with you suggestion. .... Other than comment.

ending the war2 years

Let's see if he does anything more with you suggestion. .... Other than comment.

You've already said yourself that you wouldn't be interested, so where's the incentive?

ending the war2 years

It's not about me. It's about what your users want. But you now know how you can get me back as a paying customer. Again, it's not about me, but bout improving the site.

Feabie is a well designed site. Yours is clunky.

Some users are putting things in the top of the profile like "I'm a lesbian" because there is no place in the search criteria to specify sexual orientation.

Some are stating they are married in their "about" section because you can't see that information unless you purchase the dating package.

Now why to you think people aren't purchasing the dating package? Your users are find way to "cope" with the deficiencies of the site. Does that tell you anything?

The latest thing I noticed is there is now a button to take you back to profile search, but not the search you just completed. It's a brand new generic search that you get to select everything all over again so I keep on using the back button instead. I'm guessing the server has to regenerate those pages again because it's very slow.

Compare your design to Feabie. Do you really think your design is better? Or even as good?

I have been honest with you about the changes I would like to see, but when I get the sense that you're ignoring me, I stop giving you my feedback ... And take my business elsewhere. That's the way it works and you shouldn't be surprised.

ending the war9 months

If they made it more work/advertising friendly for us id consider it. Honestly though I get hardly any clientele from ff. More just s gift or meal here and there. Also, I do pay state and federal taxes on all my earnings.