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whats the best inflation method2 years

I have tried everything i can do instainflation with my mouth or gulp or water or soda or pump but i want to be able to get bigger everytime noticeably anybody have anytricks?

whats the best inflation method2 years

You should really invest in an air pump, such as a bike pump or aquarium pump. After a few attempts over a few days, you'll see and feel a difference. Some tips from me to you, don't put the aquarium tube too far up your bum. It can hurt, yield worse results, and even scratch your intestinal wall. Just a few inches should be all you need. Also, when you feel the urge to let the air out, just hold out for a second and you'll feel the air go up and the pressure will go down. Really great feeling!

Best of luck!

whats the best inflation method2 years

hi, yes really perfect description,
allmost like i do it too.
try it and you will get soon a really big result

whats the best inflation method1 year

I gave myself a very thorough enema last night (7 full flushes until clear) and then today I was able to do my biggest air inflation yet. I went from 36 inches, to over 40.5 inches (across my navel).
I got a little too excited by it, standing on front of my mirror, and I over-inflated a little which made me a little crampy. I had been holding it in so long, that it really took me some time to relax and let most of it out. Now I'm "gassy"... slowly the last of the air is working it's way out.
Unfortunately, I know that by the time I fully recover, I'll just want to pump myself full again. After all, tomorrow is Saturday. Ha ha.

whats the best inflation method8 months

I used two litres of saline under the skin a week ago. I got 7 months pregnant and some is still there smiley