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how to break the habit of...1 year

If you dont get caught what's the big deal? Clearly you've got a lil kink for your own belly, why not indulge yourself?

Plus it's fun to get the occasional stare.

how to break the habit of...1 year

My wife doesn't even have this fetish....I don't think!

after she has gained especially....I catch her squeezing her inner thighs while watching TV....or seeing her squeezing her belly rolls from time to time not even knowing.....I think it is a pleasurable thing whether one likes being Fat and is turned on by it....or just simply doesn't even realize they are playing with some fun sexy stuff.....FAT.

I don't think you need to fact you might have an FA see you sometime and he will be blown such an arousing way.

how to break the habit of...11 months