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man seeking for submissive feedee girl (online or irl)11 months


I am 25 years old athletic man. I am educated, easy going and, lets face it, kinky. I live and work in Helsinki which is sadly but most likely far away from you.

Still I am an eternal optimist and would like to find a feedee girl/woman who is into being teased, humiliated and being submissive. I would like to get to know you and slowly turn you to my fat online or real life servant.

I do like girls of all sizes and ages. How you look is not the most important thing for me. Instead I appreciate good personality and attitude towards all things perverted.

I work a lot but I do have time for chatting or writing messages. I am not searching for a lifetime romance or anything too "serious". For me this is a fetish and I would love to have someone to with share and enjoy it. I am also more than willing to listen to your ideas and fantasies as long as I am the dominant one in the relation.

So if you are at all interested or aroused please contact me smiley