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unintentional vanity9 months

I never understood "vain" people always checking themselves out. When I was young and skinny, I barely looked in the mirror to get ready in the morning.

Now I find myself looking every time I see my reflection. Staring at my gut, detailing how my clothes are getting tighter, counting my chins. I didn't even realize how much I was doing it until today.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

unintentional vanity9 months

I'm doing it too, especially now that my by belly is beginning to jiggle and ripple a bit when I move. My pants are getting so snug they kind of push my belly fat up as my belt slides down more. I love seeing this.

unintentional vanity9 months

Personally no, my vanity is the same level that it always has been, but I have noticed that Fiona has become more vain as she has gained, she used to avoid the mirror but now I often catch her striking poses and examining her rear end with a mirror. I think this stems from her not being happy with how she saw herself before and seeing herself now gives her satisfaction which boosts her confidence in her appearance so she feels like "mmm mmm mmm I look good". It's probably true for most people that when they are happy with their body that they become more vain.

unintentional vanity8 months

thats a major turn on for me, i talked in other forums about how being traditionally 'sinful' in the ye olde biblical sense gets my dick wet; and vanity isn't an exception