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having a lot of trouble gaining without money2 years

Hello! Currently, I'm in uni, so my budget is very slim. And so it seems am I. I've been pretty skinny throughout my life, but I've been trying to stuff myself at every opportunity-- I once gained 20 pounds (from 90 at 5"1), before I got into college.
I'm lost. Fast food is starting to get expensive at the quantities I need to really start packing on weight..
I really don't know what to do. I don't want to be this skinny anymore.

having a lot of trouble gaining without money2 years

College is one of the best times to get free food. Check out the different clubs FB pages, see who is advertising food at their meetings. Find out what societies serve food at their parties (but careful with the drinking!). Keep an eye open for big events, like socials or sports watch parties. Heck, if you're feeling bold maybe you can find some like-minded folks and pool your money to get yummy things to share.

Also, sugar and carbs is the gainers friend. Stock up on off-brand sodas. Get the cheap, yummy kids cereal. Look around here for recipe tips that fit your budget.

Good luck!