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force feeding weekend2 years

Well 2 full days of almost non stop force stuffing and I put on about 5 inches on my belly. It's huge. I'm not sure exactly how many calories I'm eating but it's excessive. I mean I know he used half container of extreme weight gain mixing it with 3 cups of heavy cream, cake batter or brownie mix, melted Ben and jerrys icecream and chocolate syrup. He's fed me mashed potatoes mixed with heavy cream and the entire 4 sticks of butter mixed with weight gain on a sandwich with sausage and fettuccine . So he has total control of what I eat, how much I eat, when I eat, how fat he wants me. I may need to ease up tomorrow on the stuffing because I had a hard time getting myself off the couch cause I'm such a fatty piggy. I don't know if I can do another day like the last 2. Please give me encouragement, I have until Monday morning and i want my pants to not even go over my hips by then. 😃

Do my shake tomorrow. The Exact recipe and ingredients. Regular ice cream like chocolate or vanilla or coffee. Smooth without nuts or chips or berries.10000 calories. The sweetened condensed milk has 1500 very fattening calories in just a small can. No weight gain powder needed. The cake batter takes it's place.
I bet you'll be 201.5 tomorrow morning. And if you drink that exact shake plus fattening food you will be empty at 204 and a 10 lbs plus weekend gain.You're the couple of the year in my opinion