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how to gain on a crash diet?1 year

I'm going on a crash diet only eating one major meal at night or two, and sleeping all day and watching Netflix all Day! I want to gain weight Fast with results. I don't care about diabete and im tired of always hear from my parents that i weigh 300 when im actually 265 now! It's rude when they ask so i made a decision to gain even 5 pound there strict rules and "i know everything attitude" make me sick! It damage my uncle reputation right before his death for two years straight! I hate there attitude very much because they hate big people like him and others family or not im done with there you have to be thinner plan! for seven years they called me on obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure which i have no thanks to multiple stress because they don't quit on joking when i just want to enjoy my meal and life. It's so bad that i brought myself a small fridge just for my food because they eat what brought for myself in my room because of there toxic attitude tours bigger people. Also my mom wanted me to never get with a big girls, bad idea because i love huge chunk of meat on them bones! if you catch my driff? So do anyone have a very good suggestion on what should and shouldn't do on a crash diet. because i want to do this and gain until i feel perfect in both looks and belly control!

how to gain on a crash diet?11 months

Assuming you are at least 18, which is the minimum age to be on this site, you are an adult and your parents shouldn't decide what you should weigh.

how to gain on a crash diet?11 months

never heard about this diet, thanks for the info!