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how to bdsm with fat guys?11 months

Well, you shouldn't let him control you, that's the first thing.
I think learning how to lead is an important quality, and I'm quite experexperienced at this. First you need to find your own version of having power. Then, think about what you want. Proceed consiconsistently but gently - men say they want this, and then it turns out they don't. My own little Butterball was always submissive, but deciding he should gain some weight worked well for our relationship. Since he's gotten fat he's become even more submissive, even outside of the eating.
So, ask yourself, what do I want? And make it known to him. "I want you to be a gentleman - hold doors, etc." " I want you to draw me a bath." It's quite thrilling, and you may discover a side of yourself you've never known.