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what is it about stuffing?10 months

Why does feeling stuffed to the gills turn us feedees on so much? I'm at the point where I start getting turned on just thinking about being stuffed and once I am I can't keep my hands off my belly. I get dizzy and distracted feeling as turned on as I do once I've GORGED on fast food. Any ideas on why this reaction occurs?

I get the same feelings. I just think it is the way we are wired. I love sticking out my bulging belly when I'm really stuffed. I usually wear just a pair of brief style underwear and a tight t-shirt, really shows off the bloat/bulge. I wish I knew why this is such a turn too.

what is it about stuffing?9 months

I once read something about it being related to an individual's internal anatomy, but I'm not so sure about that.

what is it about stuffing?9 months

Maybe its like a leftover survival mechanism from when resources were scarce, to encourage letting nothing go to waste?