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skinny student wants to be obese10 months

Hi. I'm an underweight white kid who got a pretty bad break when it comes to my body. My parents kept all kinds of fattening or sugary foods away from me until I was 5. And so, my body processes them differently and it is very difficult for me to gain weight. That coupled with my parent's small portion meals has kept me skinny my whole life. They meant well but they didn't (and still don't) know that their son would want to be a gainer. Now that I'm in college, I'm free to eat whatever I want and I plan on reaching 480 pounds before I'm 30. Right now, I'm only 110 pounds 😒 but I'm hoping to gain the freshman 115. I'm also into fat girls but I'm not on this site specifically to look for a relationship. But I'm still open to one if it comes along. If there are any girls out there close to my age that wanna fatten me up, I'm all for it. And if they're also gaining then that's even better. But I'm mainly looking for online support with my gaining. Feel free to message me! 😊