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unaware of your own obesity11 months

Getting fat comes with all sorts of milestones and reminders about how large you've gotten...
Unless you're actually oblivious to them, that is.

Have you ever had moments where you forgot how fat you were, or have a fatty friend or significant other like that?

My wife really enjoys being fat, but she's gotten so comfortable with her huge body and so used to it, she seems to have started taking it for granted.

She was genuinely shocked when I told her skinny women can see their own vaginas! She literally can't remember ever being able to find her own genitals without the elegant hand mirror I bought her.

I was helping her explore her body, guiding her hands around to all the body parts she has that skinny girls just don't, like the cushion of back fat that swells up behind her neck. She had no idea her body was so large and soft- I guess she's just used to it.

"Wow! I didn't know I've turned into a giant marshmallow!" she said.

unaware of your own obesity11 months

Personally I'm constantly misjudging my ability to fit comfortably in chairs in public places, even with larger chairs I'm sure I'll fit fine only to be squeezed by the arm rests. Lately I've gained almost exclusively in my gut and find myself knocking things over or tripping over things I can't see! Self awareness is a funny thing sometimes!

unaware of your own obesity10 months

I don't think I could ever not be aware of my obesity.