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very helpful flight attendant!10 months

I don't know how to classify this incident. All I know is there was something very inadvertently kinky about it.

The last time me and wife flew overseas we connected with ANA. Japanese international carriers are known for having great service.

My wife couldn't get her seatbelt buckled, and tried to hide it. But an attendant noticed during seat check. She was very young, very skinny, and looked like a model.
This attendant gently lifted my wife's belly up by her love handles, and got her comfortably buckled in by lifting up her shirt a little and tucking the seatbelt in between her fat rolls.

The thing is, she didn't seem upset, annoyed, or even disapproving at all. She looked my wife right in the eye with a huge smile, patted her tummy, and said "There you go, now you're much better."
My wife giggled at her.

I also noticed she did not make her lower her armrest even though you're supposed to. She really takes up a seat and a half and the armrest really gets in the way. Think she could tell we were flying together and saw I looked fine with having a fat lady spilling all over me.

My wife told me it was the best air service she's ever had, even though the seats are tight for her...

very helpful flight attendant!10 months

Can you give flight attendants tips? She deserved one