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detailed list of bodily changes8 months

I was just curious what bodily changes one (male or female) will experience on the journey from athletic to morbidly obese. If you could fill me in on how you personally changed, the impact of these changes on your daily life, and what tasks got harder for you that would be great. Please provide a detailed description as I already know the obvious stuff like you jiggle more.

detailed list of bodily changes8 months

Male perspective:
Chest- my moobs and side-moobs keep my arms from lying flat at my sides and make any task involving reaching across my own body difficult to impossible.
Belly- in addition to the obvious jiggles, there is a shift in balance. My gut sways as I walk and I have to compensate for it. It makes me more front-heavy and likely to fall forward if I'm not careful. Finding shirts that will tuck in and look professional is hard because I wear my pants under my gut.
Hips- although I have very little to call an ass, it and my hips continuously widening results in difficulty reaching to wipe myself. I have to constantly reevaluate whether or not I'm going to get stuck trying to sit in a chair with arms (which I actively try to avoid), and seats in general that are designed for narrower people pinch and squeeze me uncomfortably.
Thighs- everyone talks about rubbing and chafing thighs, but there is more to it. The same rubbing will wear through clothing faster. Also, as a male, you will find less and less space for your "man parts"- even when nude. As a male, you may also find that as your pubic area gets fatter (search "fupa" ), your manhood will get steadily shorter as it becomes surrounded by fat.
Feet- if you truly go big, expect that your feet will get wider. You won't notice at first because your shoes will wear and stretch with you. It comes as a surprise the next time you have to buy shoes and they feel like a vise. Slip-ons will become a priority, as reaching down to tie laces will be the biggest exercise you have all day. Similarly with socks, I have reached a point where I can't comfortably put socks on without help.
That's my quick but detailed list. If I think of anything else I'll add it. If you want to to discuss anything in detail, feel free to message me or post on here. As long as it's not censor-worthy, I'll post a response for everyone.

detailed list of bodily changes8 months

I think that you are born hard-wired to be a gainer. It is like your sexuality. You cannot do anything about it. You can be a thin gainer or a fat one but you will always be a gainer. There may be reasons to remain a normal weight but in my experience true contentment and a feeling of well-being can only come from being the size and shape you have always wanted to be. For me that has meant weighing at least 350 pounds. I may become heavier but I do not want to be any lighter. This puts me well into the morbidly obese category.

I have gained weight over a number of years and during that time my posture and gait has imperceptibly changed into that which is typical of someone who is morbidly obese. I carry my greatest weight on my belly which seems to have caused my spine to arch, my arse to stick out, my shoulders to lean back and my head to lean forward. Unlike some men that do not put weight on their arses, I have. As my thighs have thickened and now rub together when I walk, I tend to walk with my legs moving at an angle rather than straight forward. My thighs also chafe and the skin has hardened. My arms also hang outwards and rub against the folds of fat on my sides. I started getting stretch marks at about the 220 pound mark and my stomach, thighs and sides are covered with dark stretch marks. I tend to feel hot all the time and it takes very little exertion for me to break out into a sweat.

As I have gained weight, I have slowed down but I do not feel incapacitated in any way. With a large stomach which when I sit rests on my thighs, I am much less flexible and bending down is more difficult. But I have no problems in washing or dressing. Maybe that will come later but certainly no yet. When I sit on a low chair, I have to push down on the arms to get up. Similarly if I am on the floor I use a table or chair to pull myself up. In fact picking things up from the floor is becoming more of an issue. I obviously prefer lifts and escalators to stairs, but if I have to I can climb many flights of stairs even if I am out of breath by the top, if not a lot sooner. I seldom run but, if pushed, I can walk reasonable distances. I am far from fit but I am not completely out of condition. When I can I swim which is the best exercise for me as it places no strain on my joints.

I enjoy my belly and moobs. I stroke and caress them unconsciously and enjoy others doing it too. I like the way my belly hangs down over my waist band and how it sways when I walk. My dick looks as if it has shrunk as the fat has grown up around it. It works fine and I have an active sex life.

As I started to gain, I also developed a larger and larger appetite. I am basically hungry all the time and except after a large meal I crave food, which means between meals I snack all the time. I have also developed a taste for Classic Coke. I love it ice cold and I can drink litres of it a day. In fact I am usually feeling thirsty.

At my size clothing is an issue. Obviously, if you are my size you are not into fashion. Most high street shops do not stock my size (generally 4XL). I prefer my clothes to be loose as I have no need to emphasize my figure. Also most large sizes are for taller men so my shirts hang down quite low (a good thing to cover the sag) and my sleeves are generally too long. When I was gaining weight quite rapidly, I had a very limited wardrobe. Now my weight is only increasing slowly, I could enlarge it. As it happens I find it easier to buy polo shirts, hoodies, track and cargo pants on the internet. They come in large sizes and are very competitively priced. My only regret is that I can no longer wear my football team�s replica shirts.

I suppose the greatest issue being my size is that, being in the top percentile of people of my age and weight, there is that nothing is designed for people like me. At table, the chairs are too close together. I have to make a calculation at restaurants to judge if I can fit in banquette seating. The same with trains. I have no difficulty driving my car but others present problems. I certainly cannot get into the back of a two door car. Theatres present problems (as do planes) and I try to either have a spare seat next to me or have the aisle seat. If there are people either side of me, I have to fold my arms on my stomach to avoid touching them which becomes uncomfortable after a while. I avoid small spaces. I do not knock things over but I am conscious of having to be careful so I do not. As I cannot see my feet without leaning over, I try to avoid walking on rough terrain. In fact I am careful when I walk or climb a ladder, as with my weight, if I were to fall I would likely hurt myself badly. Unsurprisingly I do not play any sport.

That's it. I have run out of space!