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forum issue11 months

Clicking on a page on a multi-page thread sends you to the last page in the thread instead of the one you clicked on. This does not happen on people's profiles or in stories, so I assume it is a bug in the forums alone.

When clicking a link to a specific post from a member's activity feed, it works fine. The "&postId=_#_" suffix on the website works fine; it seems to be the "&rowStart=_" suffix that is broken. No matter what number replaces the "_", you are taken to the last page of the thread (with the exception of "0", which takes you to the first page, same as not having the suffix at all).

Oddly, this glitch does not always happen. The thread I was at was at the end of a page, but now that it has a new entry and thus an unfilled last page, the page links work normally. For now, at least