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"the opposite"7 months

Anyone else notice how your reaction to obesity has become the total opposite to that of the general public?
And how that's REALLY HAWT?

I'm thinking about those tabloid stories (mostly British really), about someone having a "too fat for X" moment that made them shocked into losing weight.
And instead of thinking "Oh no!", realizing you and/or your partner would really have fun with that!

I caught a story about a woman having to be squeezed out of her bathtub by her husband, and that being the shameful moment that inspired her weight loss.
And I know in OUR case it would rather go:

1. Tons of laughter
2. Spontaneous passion and sex, as we're both reminded of her obesity
3. "One of these days, we need a place with a proper hot tub so I can fit..."

Or even getting "too fat for sex"...
"What a shocking story, what an inspiration to lose weight!"

Only lovemaking is better than ever, because all she has to do is lie there, do absolutely nothing, and let her flesh ripple.
As she said, her fat does all the work for her now!

Things that get written up as "tragic" or "wake-up moments" become lovely to you, because they remind you of all that fat.
Sure, they're practical concerns because you have to move all that extra body around with you, but there's no shame in that.

Or even for extra-pervy types
Get especially hot because the things the average rando finds tragic or even disgusting, become gorgeous to you and you're filled with love while all they can think is "Poor thing, they belong on some TV special!"

Diapers have become like that with me.
They would make most people revolted, while all I can think is,

"Why wouldn't that obese princess have everything she can get at her disposal to make her comfortable?"

"the opposite"7 months

My reaction is allmost always the opposite of thin-centered people : when I see a girl gaining weight, I overtly enjoy this with a refrained smile then a occassional "all my congratulations, continue what you did"-style conversation regarding the opportunity... to which, of course, costed me a starting advanced-level flirt with a mutually interested beauty. Twice. 😑

Then when she got very fat... I simply try to not jaw-dropping front to everyone.