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20m feeder/stuffer in amherst (ma) looking for 18-28f feedee/stuffee7 months

Hi everyone! I'm a 20-year-old male college student wishing to pamper a woman who has a large appetite. I'm currently living in Amherst, Massachusetts.

I'm looking for two things:
1. I'm seeking a committed relationship with physical and emotional intimacy. I value cuddling very highly!
2. I want to help a woman stuff her belly and watch her stomach grow bigger over the course of the meal (i.e. belly stuffing)! Of course, having your belly still be round and chubby when it's empty is always a nice bonus~

I'm not expecting a commitment to permanent weight gain or anything.

Other details:
- Burping during and after a meal is super hot. Not mandatory, but I adore it.
- If you'd prefer, belly stuffing can be only a minor part of our relationship (although I'd prefer more belly fun over less belly fun)! I'd be happy with a girl who understands my tastes and isn't afraid to fill her stomach to the brim every now and then.
- I LOVE to cuddle!
- I come packaged with free belly rubs!

Please message me!