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what would you think of a movie where a pretty popular girl becomes a fat pig?6 months

And then the girl she used to bully ends up becoming besties with her, and helping her waddle around and stay well fed.

Now that's a happy ending!

what would you think of a movie where a pretty popular girl becomes a fat pig?6 months

I think there already does exists a like-minded Teen-genre short novel, "The Fat Lane" : the All-American, "perfect" most popular girl from a suburb high school became the victim to a rarest biological disorder which causes that she, nonetheless her efforts to keep herself in shape, saw her body uncontrollably swollen up a hundred of pounds heavier during the spent year and see every single of her illusions crawl little-by-little: once the all-loving yet bitchy beehive queen, she's now bullied by everybody for her increasing downfall through obesity including by the then-most overweight girl. Her thin-worship mother freak out madly against her because now her husband - the protagonist's father - was somewhat incestuously drawn to his own daughter (who's in turn, suffered reciproqually of a lesser degree of Electra complex since the more she realized how her father got some distance with her then the rest of the family since her starting illness, the more her rival-like relationship with her mother weighg down) to the point he attended divorce once she got a full-blown chubster, her boyfriend repudiate her because he cannot handle both peer's pressure and fatphobic prejudices of his own, ecetera ecetera.

A pretty interesting introspection about the female American young adult's mind, but quite fatphobic itself since at the end the novel clearly made understand to its target audience that being fat isn't appropriate, whatever the reason behind a woman's weight gain.