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getting kinky in the hotel room10 months

I'm going to be spending the night alone in a hotel room. Whenever I do this, it tends to turn into either a stuffing or padding kink fest. What are some of the kinky things people have done when they're alone in a hotel room?

I once padded to the extreme. It was to the point that I looked like I weighed 500+ pounds. I left the hotel to pick up a ton of food and when I returned, I couldn't go back in the side door. I had to walk in through the lobby wearing my fat suit. It was embarrassing, but hot too.

getting kinky in the hotel room10 months

Oh yeah.

What's hot for me is when the bathroom is really classy and elegant- BUT WAY TOO TIGHT

Gorgeous marble and stylish glass doors- that you have to turn sideways just to squeeze your gut through!