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auto update of weight8 months

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I didn't see it in scrolling back a few pages. I've noticed that people post updates under the gainers but their profile weight is sometimes very different - especially for those that have been here a while and maybe don't ever think to update their weight. What about letting an update in the gainers update the profile weight too, so when people post a gain, or a loss, the new weight updates on their profile?
This could be automatic for everyone, or maybe a check box on the gainers post would allow a person to not update their profile weight if they didn't for some reason - no idea why, but best not to assume.

There could also be a date stamp of the last time the weight was updated. I have no idea if that would be useful or fun for anyone to see... given the theme of this site, some might find it fun to know the weight listed is very recent vs years ago. ~shrug~